Ali 23's Conspiracy Corner

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Article posted by admin on 20/06/2002 12:43AM

ear me now, dis is my part of da network. dis is my chance to present articles and talk to yous about sum well important fings like wot you should do if a doofer olds onto da spliff yous ave just passed im fa longa than 2 drags at a party (i would nut him one between da eyes).

check it.. da world is a batty place innit. just last week i was walkin wiv me Julie down da street when i saw a white oval shaped fing drop out from de sky (and i dont mean no pills eitha). These alien geezers 'opped out dressed in fluro sayin "bom shankar, gawd did you hear dat new x-dream track?" den these men in black showed up tryin to make out like it didnt 'appen.

Da problem is dat there is too many instances where big bruva is tryin not to let de truth get out. My real question is.. wot is da truth? Its up to yous to decide fa yourself and express your own individuality wif ya thoughts.... Respect.

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