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does anyone by any chance have the new phone number and address for dance aid/earl of fnord or the mobile numbers for spir0 or peter?


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Hey Steve, I think the time has come to cut to the chase & go legal on their asses. Send Spir0s a message via facebook asking for payment within 21 days, then go see a lawyer :twisted:


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yeah i was gonna recommend the facebook too.


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if anyone knows anyone who is owed more than $2k by them please contact me. I know how to use the legal system on this one to fuck them up.


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Just go to Trancequillo on Thursday nights. Pix on the web caught Spiz relaxing there receintly.....


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i was told he skipped the country...


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Peter appears to be posting on bluelight in the shpongle thread.

You might have some luck there.


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but be nice or they will suspend your failbook account
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i lost 300 or so on shpongle

hopefully my mint condition ec2008 tickets appreciate in value enough to cover my investment

long live the earl
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