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Hi everyone,

this is just a post to let you know about "Chicken Feeders" its a new psy/prog/tech/breaks/glitch/dnb/christian rock/rnb/black metal label that is very shanti and down with Ganesh, but not shiva. Bitch destroyed too much shit last time she partied, but ganesh was way cool and helped pack down, so big ups to him. Various djs will soon be signed to us, so expect to see [Chicken Feeder] on fliers soon!

We are currently ripping lots and lots of really cool myspace artists MP3 players for releases, and simon posford has given us an unreleased hallucinogen track from 1989!!! our first release will be out on high quality BASF Cassette tape, including artwork by this hippie guy, as soon as we can buy him some bla bla. We did think about being a net label but the sound quality would not be enough for this music, as it has lots and lots of high pitched, alpha wave inducing sine waves of sound (that we record over the top of the music in cool edit pro ) that will be designed to bring you closer to the shanti state of being that is the rapture. Through various christio-muslemo-scientific tests (we do not discriminate based on religion! ) we have confirmed that these waves will be recorded on a cassette tape and it will play back on a normal sound system, with the ultra high frequencies. This cannot be done on anything other than cassette tape, hence we have all our money is invested in an Indian cassette tape mine that used to be an old rubbish dump (see, we are *so* environmentally aware!)

we will have a launch party, but before then we're going to have a pre-launch fundraiser at my house because venues are really expensive, plus my neighbors are shitting me and i want to keep them up all night. but i have a big backyard and chickens so you can be a "chicken feeder" too! buckets will be provided.

get some Chicken Feeder DJ's for your party now, just drop us an email.


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Haha, go Simo 8) 8) 8) 8)
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omg where can i get a chicken feeder hoodie?!!
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Is this an invitation to a house party?
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jaimz wrote :
omg where can i get a chicken feeder hoodie?!!

try zazzle. quality gear :lol:
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Hoodies will be available on our website, when we can find some bla bla for the hippie guy so he can do the gfx for it. If anyone knows a gfx dude ( or dudette ) that doesnt want to be paid in bla bla pls let me know.

We do have some commemorative buttons "I'm a chicken feeder" and one with a picture of Chicky Reddy Rheinus, our mascot available now, send $29.99 for a free button making kit plus photocopied pictures to put in them at the address on the bottom of your screen now.
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