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sunrise soldier 2
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I have become a lover of psy with Guitar riffs. The cross over of the music I used to love (hard alternative rock/metal) and psy trance is my ultimate.
I have found bits and pieces of it ie
Electric Universe
And other obscure producers
But I want more if anyone can help out??


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theres a psy-tyrance remix of dire straits by avancada I think which is bloody good, there are also some great acid techno remixes of Slayer, black sabbath, the osmonds, motorhead, sex pistols, beach boys, etc, I can give you details if you like


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check out Dark Soho.
Heavily influenced by metal with lots of guitar riffs.


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hey you with the face
12 mics do dire straits acid (money) for nothing - very chunky
mwaaaahh! enjoy..


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yeah there are several remixes of that, one also by avancada, our soundsystems live PA - OS1 - have also done a remix, tis a great tune.


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You have only just now discovered how orgasmic metal and psy together are? where have you been? hehehe kiddin ;)

The first time i actually differentiated one type of psy to another was when i heard guitar on the dancefloor. In fact it was one of agent 23's sets to be precise at my 2nd doof.

I keep thinking i will get over guitar psy but i just get picky about it hehehe Omg i'm such a bogan :D

The Delta
1200 mics
sun project
dark soho
dark nebula
infected mushroom
astrix (some)
space cat

would be some artists i can think of that play lots of guitar

"down pusher" by soti sidhu is a pretty cool track :)


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For zany guitar action, as mentioned above, you can't beat SUN Project.


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and word on Oztrance is that Dark soho are coming here febuary next Year!!!


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I can't believe no one's mentioned Psycraft yet. They'd have to be my favourite guitar artists. They join guitar & psy so perfectly sometimes it's amazing.



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i recommend psycraft also and if your up for some really good progressive that has guitars then check out C.O.N sequencer. they are a side project of one of the guys from SUN project. their album impulses is wicked.


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my annoyance at a few tracks with guitar ive heard, is where the guitar sounds a bit shit, like theyve plugged the guitar into a cheap distortion unit, straight into the desk. Ok, that can be a cool sound if tweaked and processed well. Theres a few of these tracks i wished that they had tweaked the guitar more, or had just run it through a wall of marshall stacks instead. E.g - Paranormal attack-Bionik Pulse (tho its still a good track)
But then, ive heard many a wicked guitar psy track.

Four Carry Nuts- Mechanical Age --- although the guitar sound isnt the greatest, its still good, and its an Excellent album. Great Epic Industrial type Psy.

Celtic Cross- Hicksville Nice folky acoustic guitar among beautiful ambient dub music.

Max's sepultura track! :twisted:

Im about to get Dark Soho. Awesome music, and lots of great guitar.
Dark Soho coming next Feb? -- woohooo!
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try out analog pussy and skazi if u like gitter :arrow:


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The Chemical Crew have got some phat tracks in that style.

First heard guitars on Classical Mushroom, and nice guitars on shponlge, its an amazing fusion, its heavy but its not........


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Guitar trance. Fucking rockdoof I say! Or maybe it's doofrock...I'm no longer sure.....


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SamuraiJack wrote :
Guitar trance. Fucking rockdoof I say! Or maybe it's doofrock...I'm no longer sure.....

You have to admit it gets you up.
People do connect with it on the dance floor. :)
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there is a album called sexperimental which i copied from my danish is poweful.


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Tim schuldt of 4 carry nuts, cydonia Blighty I think its called an older one um Touch the sun by Sun Dog on Phantasm back in the day, what else Taiyo by Prana aka Tsuyoshi ffffffuse - Mitsomoto newish one on tsuyoshis new lablw theres fucking thousands of guitar tunes some one mentioned Sun Project up there yes probably the most well know not a guitar left out.
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....for some wicked guitar-psy check out EXAILE (Chemical Crew)....latest album "Hit The Machine" .....very nice, very fuckin insane too!! Would love to see 'em play out here soon, somewhere nice and remote, last time I saw them play live (actually my first time to see them) the dancefloor got VERY VERY SCARY.....woohoo!! I think I spent most of the set laughing with glee....or laughing like a lunatic more likely....aaahh, so nice...... :evil:


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johann - stranded
is still my fave guitar track :)


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yeah id have to say S.U.N project get the cake for Guitar trance trance (*cheak out there ealier stuff - like 380 volts , or dance of the witches...

also try
Paranormal attack
infected mushroom

or for a great new aussie act - i can recoment SIAQUA as well


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What the!?!! where did you hear this on OT about DARK SOHO!!!


definitly would blow my socks right off. Anyone heard anything of an Update to this ??

noone has mentioned Alien Project?? as much as i dont like to admit it... i mean thats where Astrix stomped up that riff from!!


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guitar trance........please stop.....its not funny anymore....

e.g. chicago @ boom festival....a whole set of it, all of the above mentioned tracks..even a random madonna trance track.....just stoppit!!
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Oh yeah, and get a hold of the album "Punishment" by VOID :smasha: ...another release from the Chemical Crew.....this one will particularly appeal to anyone who's had a long love affair with metal / punk / hardcore music...... we gotta get these guys out to our great land real soon..... they played a killah sunrise set at this year's Gathering in Japan (See: if you're interested)....


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Guitar psy chunx rock, appropriate time of the party ofcourse. you cant help but love it.
Dunno if i could handle a whole set of it.

as for Dark Soho, their older stuff was phat but im not so impressed with their new album Light in the Dark,... maybe itll grow on me :|

some of Tim Shuldt is quite good too, but then alot of it i find a bit cheesy.
that Punishment CD has got some cool shit on it too. esp. Machine.
But whats with the discovocals in the later half? (and in all of chemical crews recent stuff for that matter :? )

Max's Sepultura track! :smasha:


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so is guitar trance REALLY big in Oz then??
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