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hey guys...

Just moved over here from perth and was wondering if much happens in the western suburbs of sydney or do i have to venture into the city for all the fun stuff?
Also.. if anyone lives over this way and wants to make a new friend PM me!
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Hello Kizzle,a warm welcome from the tribes of the east coast, Party season is on ..so your timing is great,
there are a few doofers living in the mountains,so it won't be long until you are drawn together and into the forest to dance.
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Theres a couple of crews in the Blue Mountains which have just started up recently, and are hoping to put on more events. Where about are you based? A new site has started up to try and get doofers/like minded people in and around the Blue Mountains together, its called Blue Mountains Underground.

You can find it on facebook orrr bmu.proteusdesign.com.au

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Yep you may have scored a good spot to live with doofs now getting more common in the mountains. Makes it better than in the past with most doofs on the coast. :killah:
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A few of my friends have moved up there (last week in fact!).

Where in the mountains are you?
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If you know Lawson, most of us are based between it and Blackheath, most of the parties take place out near Clarence/Zig Zag though.
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