Im moving down under, any adviice?

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Hey guys, Im a fellow psyentist, psytrance creator/dj from USA (lamest place for psytrance) and i would like to get involved in the doof scene around NSW as much as possible once i make my move from here, which should be soon like next month ish. I guess i am just curious on how you guys maintain your party lifestyles, is it best to just travel the coast in a fried out kombi with a tent going from doof ta doof living amongst the beautiful nature? Or maybe i should look into finding some roomates who have connections with artists and promoters, or are one themselves:]
any feedback is appretiated, i am ready to get this ball rolling and have the superior vision of one day creating the psyworld utopia ;]

:atom: "im the kid we're looking for"
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australias a stupid place to travel anywhere in a fried out kombi in... you break down you might not see anyone for days. :P
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I second the above notion. An old landcruiser might be a better idea. :P Australia is a big place with a fair bit of nothing in between the major cities but if you want to travel up the east coast, you wont be too far from parties or people, except when you get to far north Queensland. Sydney, Melbourne, Northern NSW, Brisbane, Cairns all have their own thing going on. You should have a look at the party sections for info. Good luck guy :)
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if you really want a gypsy doof lifestyle my friend then go to europe. as you can see, australians are cynical as all fuck, so be prepared. we are not as naive or nice as people think over there.

when you get here; wear sunscreen, don't swim in summer up north, or anywhere heaps far up where there are many hungry crocs.

ps. tell everyone you are canadian.
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treedreamer wrote:
ps. tell everyone you are canadian.
lol :)
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lol @ dreamweaver :P

don't worry too much about being from the US it is far more acceptible than it was when george dubya was in power to be american hehe..

btw not all aussies are depressing cunts.. there is gold out here :lol:
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Learn to spell advice :wink:
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Ecotek wrote:
australias a stupid place to travel anywhere in a fried out kombi in... you break down you might not see anyone for days. :P

wolfcreek anyone !!!
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you guys give crap advice-

Swimming is great up north anytime as long as you stick to the crystal clear mountain rivers and creeks. There are also large area net enclosures to swim free from stingers in the summer. Swimming in the warmest of seas at night is great fun.
Cairns is Far North Queensland and travelling the east coast in a kombie is the biggest blast I've ever had (maybe not a fried out one though the distances to travel are long), Australians do it all the time.. On the east coast anywhere you won't have to wait longer than about 10 mins for the next car to pass you if you do break down.
There are lots of cool friendly Australians and you will have the maddest goodtimes mate. I find most of us to be heathily sceptical rather than cynical.
Can't advise you on the question of perpetual travelling or house sharing, both would be fun. Maybe just come out, hang out at doofs for a while and see what's happening.
Best wishes mate you're in for a treat. :atom:
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The Summer Party season is pretty good. Get your party dates/flyers with whats on and you could find yourself traveling 3 months up and down the coast from party to party every weekend. A few people here have just done that, taken the time off to be party nomads 8)

The rest of the year gets more sparse, though there are still good parties on everywhere, but by this time you might be better off finding a home base to live from. Or you could just nomad it still, and just be a tourist/traveller between parties. There is more than just doofs out here, and who knows what else you will find!

Hope that helps.

BTW, watch out for Drop Bears and Hoop Snakes when camping out in the bushland.
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Nice to find this topic some good tips ;)
I am from Belgium and considering very seriously of leaving my country and starting over a new life in Australia. It is about exactly at the other side of the globe, you have sun, beaches, nature. Just what I want. :)
At the moment I am working and saving up money now to fly to Australia to check it out first before I make the final decission. I hope to save enough by januari so I can vistit the rainbow serpent festival at the same time :P
But I'm affraid I will only have enough cash by march, april.
is there a good festival anyone can recomend at this time?
tnx ;)
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Cool thread... I'm currently in England and moving to Oz for a couple of years in January. Any recommendations on where the best psy scene is in Oz? I've been told to head to Brisbane... but am up for moving anywhere as long as there's a decent psy scene :D
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Brisbane is cool.. I'm not just saying that 'cos i live here.. We should make up a guide for foreigners wanting to take in the aussie psy scene with all these requests coming in here :lol:

I'll run through the major cities and give you some general information from what I know about them, anyone can contribute and flame away etc..

Regularity of parties : Seldom, occasional events.
Weather : Cold, hot
Pros : near to the real aussie outback for some outback adventures.
Cons : irregular events
Prominant Styles : varied psychedelia.

Regularity of parties : Constant
Weather : Cold wet winters, in summer weather varies greatly in a single day.
Pros : Loads of parties, great choice of events, loads of cool people. Some people say Melbournites are more cliquey than other areas around the country, but their scene is so large you can get a little lost in the scene there.
Cons : Not great weather in the winter, dj / organizer politics extraordinaire ( though this has improved lately )
Prominant Styles : progressive trance & varied psychedelia.

Regularity of events : regular
Weather : Pleasant, stable. Cool winters days, pleasant summer.
Pros : Energetic dancefloors, great crowd.
Cons : Generally an expensive city, a little bit glum at times.
Prominant Styles : more of a full on sound & varied psychedelia.

Regularity of events : fairly regular
Weather : warmer than Sydney, fairly predictable / reliable weather. Have had a lots of floods in the vicinity over the last couple of years.
Pros : Friendly crowd, relaxed, beautiful sites close to Brisbane north and south.
Cons : Parties in the area tend to have their flaws, parties to the south in NSW aren't always safe although it is evolving.
Prominant styles : dubstep , minimal tech, electro, varied psychedelia.

Regularity of events : seldom
Weather : hot summers, mild winters (?)
Pros : Friendly crowd, fun parties (?)
Cons : Seldom have parties and not many good sites afaik (?)
Prominant styles : varied

Regularity of events : pretty regular
Weather : hot summers, warm winters
Pros : Friendly crowd, good parties and some awesome locations.
Cons : (? too much prog?)
Prominant styles : progressive psy, varied psychadelia.
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Hi Marsoups, thanks a lot for the info, it's really useful. Brisbane/ Cairns seems like the overall winner, especially considering the weather will be loads better over that side (so sick of British weather!!) Think it will be Brizzy I will be settling as I have a friend heading over that way.

So when you have doofs there, are they not always psytrance?

Really excited about heading over there now and getting some dancing done outisde :bounce:
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the mad kiwi wrote:
wolfcreek anyone !!!
Oh jeez, only watched that film once - after a two-day bender and on a serious come down. Was hoping to get it on with a cute girl there too and but most definitely not whilst watching THAT film! ;)
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Watch out for snakes and dropbears.
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