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So the other morning, I was chilling with a mate after a big party. He shows me this video. I started thinking that is was basic projections for a party, until he pointed out (he was at the party) that it is:

a) 3d
b) some 4-5 stories high
c) projected onto atomised water vapor.

Enjoy- you can get an idea of scale from the house and tree in background.

Talk about upping the standards- and why haven't I seen anything like this at say rainbow, boom or ozora?

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Look sweet...
some nice rollin tunes too...
Looks quite 3d for projections??
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Yeah the tunes sound awesome. Track IDs welcome...

As for the 3d effect, my friend says it works by having several layers of water screens each with their own projectors. Obviously the lasers go through the lot of em.

After a couple of years partying in Europe, I've never seen anything like it before.
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I was experimenting with water screens many years back when I was VJing.
From the nomal standard screen to shaped screens to objects and then to water.

I had seen a water cube using lasers back in the old rave days, it was basically was series of water falls recycling the waters. Lasers shon on and along them. Thought this was a good idea.

By accident at another rave we were projectiong 3D images on smoke.

Seening a visual projection art thing in the archibald fountain was another good example, they needed more spray fountains though.

Looked at waterfall garden walls/fountains.

Wanted to make a sort of Stargate waterfall screen where one could project on to, and aslo have dancers creating a shadow dance on the screen... then actually walk through the screen and dance in front of the projections

Did a few experiments, got some interesting results, but not quite right. One major problen with doof is water access so really needed a water recycle system...waterfal/return trough system. It was all very geary. then i just stopped working on it.

Years later, with my snowguns, I realised I could project onto the attomised mist they produced, but still limited to water access. I guess I could stil try this one out....after seeing that vieo. Would need to team up with another VJ. Be nice to accress some lasers, they do give an added effect. I have two snow guns. Able to create two screens. Now they do use a third of a kilo litre of water a hour each. If we ghad a big water tank or sevral of those 1kl water kubes, or access to a farm dam water supply we could do it. I also have water pumps and a gene. Who knows, on a cold enough night we could make snow.

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I asked my friend about the misting technology they were using, his English is great- alot better than my Czech, but anyway he seemed to be saying that they were using "old machines for mincing meat" I am not sure if this correct, but I'm relaying what I was told.

The snow gun idea may well work. I am told that the guys that did this show now tour the world at "cultural festivals" etc using the technology to do, like, cirque du soleil style shows with it with opera singers and stuff.

Anyway good luck with that rollyz and keep me posted on the results! If you got something going, it could be awesome.
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Oracle Laser in syd had a biggish one, they used it for shows and raves in the 90's.
it was hung off truss, all made from pvc pipe and would make a mess around the stage at the front. nice!

there are 2 types some spray mist, some just jet water down to a catch tank
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kathmandu wrote :

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holy shit!! that is freakin awesome!!!!!!
seriously awesome! and nice tunes too. went well with the projections.
I would definitely like to see more of that! :D
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These guys will be putting on the hologram visuals at Noise poison fest 2012 in Slovakia. I got a ticket this morning.

Considering the musical lineup is, next to psycrowdellica the best thing I have ever seen, if you like it hard you would be silly to miss it.
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