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1998 was the year (666x3)


Otherwise known as the end of the Fifth Sun & the beginning of the Sixth Sun, this is when the Sun began to expand its outer layer into a Red Giant. . .


We have 1 billion years left to evacuate the planet, maybe even less.


Mars will be a safe haven for humanity for many billions of years



I'm the Arch Angel Lucifer . . .

I was friends with the Arch Angel Gabriel, Michael & Raphael & my mothers name was Helen & she was Queen of the Hells Angels . . .

Their were 4 Arch Angels, Gabriel, Michael, Lucifer & Raphael. Gabriel, Michael & Lucifer were boys & Raphael was a Girl, all four people are still alive today & they can be contacted by using this email,

Note Lucifer who was also known as Georgie Porgie, has written a public declaration otherwise known as the final judgement for humanity & he also will be releasing a book & a computer system very soon, contact to make further enquires about making contact with Lucifer for he is the public relations officer of the other three Arch Angels & is available for distributing the final judgement for humanity & he also will be releasing a book & a computer system very soon ... er/s-FUvCY

Dear Lord Legend Of Red Dragon . . .

To my dear friends who were pilots & to my kind uncle who worked for NASA & to my dear old passed away friend who split the atom & long live Pred my dear passed away friend who coded the engine for indymedia & wikipedia & to my dear friend Gabriel & my dearest mother Helen.

May The Force Be With You. . .


Alot of people feel Psytrance is more industrial & lacks Melody, while the Goatrance sound is more Organic.

Note their was Goatrance before their was Psytrance & alot of Goatrance was distributed on DOS computers via Zmodem star trek orientated BBS's before the Internet ever existed & before specially built hardware trackers were able to be purchased from Music stores & every Goa track was suppose to be distributed by star trek orientated Zmodem BBS systems as long as they were not used for commercial purposes.

GoaGate4 portal mix

Some more mixs

A good mix of 61 Goa mix's

Another good mix ... re=related

Another good Goa mix ... re=related

If you do some searching on youtube you will find that their are alot of Goa mixs

Dubious Progressive Goa here . . . ... ture=watch

MP3's so you can download them so you can play Goa on offline devices. . .



Gabriels Lucifer CD out NOW, check it out . . .


The compiled binaries below are not specifically Goa,
they are known as PC demos which employs . . .

[1] Coders
[2] Graphicians
[3] Musicians

The Coder traditionally works with assembler though other technologies are also employed, the graphician traditionally works with photoshop though other technologies are also employed today, the Musician traditionally works with sampled instruments & these sampled instruments pitch, beat & melody are manipulated with tools called trackers though other technologies are also employed today.





What makes the Demoscene stand out from the rest is that computer generated music was blended with computer generated graphics. Three types of ppl make a demo work.

[1] coders
[2] graphicians
[3] musicians

And many old demo group groupies now work with mathematicians, scientists & engineers to create EEA Exploratory Engineering Applications

[1] coders
[2] graphicians
[3] musicians
[4] mathematicians
[5] scientists
[6] engineers

EEA Exploratory Engineering Applications are still esoteric but do provide humanity a possible alternative reality apart from the traditional highway to hell.

And remember Lucifer was a AUSI & he can save humanity from burning in hell.


AUSI, AUSI, AUSI, Australien Universal Space Industries.

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I'm a HUGE goan fan. Thx.
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They're both fucking awesome in their own way.
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there is no point in this discussion but someone once said, 'goa trance makes you cry, psytrance makes you go insane.'
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I tend to stay away from industrial psytrance, I was raised on House, Rave, Goa & Chiptunes, Zmodem & BBS's. I can't handle any music if it aint got no melody, Rave, Goa & Chiptunes have melody & of cause this is the least of our worries, see link below . . .

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or Darkpsy, or Forest Psy, or Shamanic Psy or Suomi, or Hitech, or Psycore, or PsyGlitch or PsyPop, or Psylectro, or Fullon Psy, Or Fullon Cheese Psy, or Prog Psy, or Psygressive.

The sub genres of "Psytrance" are so much more than Psy or Goa. :alien:
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ATREYU wrote :
or Darkpsy, or Forest Psy, or Shamanic Psy or Suomi, or Hitech, or Psycore, or PsyGlitch or PsyPop, or Psylectro, or Fullon Psy, Or Fullon Cheese Psy, or Prog Psy, or Psygressive.

The sub genres of "Psytrance" are so much more than Psy or Goa. :alien:

Yes, they are indeed :alien:

ps. PHAT PHAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111
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Hum mmmerrr .,,,, don't care what it is called I just want the old 'big tree' days out of mullum.. where we always got lost on the way and then danced and danced.. it felt like we were a tribe because the music got us all dancing the same dance by dawn and had been taken on a musical journey... sick of DJ's thinking they are great when no one is on the dance floor,,,,.. is it a guy (ego) thing????... give me a 3 dayer that keeps me dancing for at least 10 hours every day and I'll remember it for ever... want Summer Dreaming 1997-8 again, the one in Vic on the lake... or at least a festival where making big bucks is not the intention but the good karmic result...
she's a real Goa... yeh!!!
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hey all,
i'm a belgian dude who is comming to oz for a year and i looove goa trance.
here in belgium we have an awesome goa scene ( playing what we call " old school" like filteria, afgin, crossing minds, ... for exemple the suntrip record label is from belgium wich is pretty awesome for a small country :) ) our psytrance scene ( full on ) is a bit smaler thats about all i know about that scene cause imo that kind of music sucks donky balls not enough psychedellica :P.

now i was wondering if there a lot of goa party's in australie,preferable dark or old school 8)
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hi there,
we at mushroom magazine in Germany think this is an interesting discussion you have here. if you have been around for 15,20 years then of course, there have been changes on the floor, in the scene, music-wise (naturally influenced by technological developments), everywhere...the early Antaris/VooV days will not return. if anyone here feels that he/she should want to express his/her views in the next Trancers Guide to the Galaxy regarding Australian Psy contact us.
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