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I'm heading off to Tokyo and London for three weeks on Nov 1st.
1 Week Tokyo then 2 weeks london coming back Nov 22nd to go down
to Eathcore. Unfortunately it will only be me going not all
of Eskatonia.

I'm trying to get some VJ gigs lined up in Tokyo and London and would appreciate any tips from people or contacts for promoters. So far got contacts for Raja Ram tour in Tokyo, Fairy Tales London at Mass in Brixton and Project Ozma. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated and paid back with mucho karma and a DVD copy of latest Eskatonia showreel mixed to "Day Dreamer" by Sun Control Species (with Drews Permission).

thanks guys

roger @ eskatonia visuals
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Heya Roger. Don't have any contacts. Just wanted to wish you good luck. :)


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Same - go for it Roger :twisted:
Hope you can hook up some gigs.

[I can't trade any info either but wouldn't mind buying a copy of the DVD you mention - any chance?]


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sorry dantzdatz, I can't sell these DVD's they are a promo only thing. That's the condition I got on usng the track by SCS.

But you can download a small chunk of the DVD reel at a lower quality from this page here:

You need to have Quicktime 6.0 installed to play it.


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Joined: Mon Jun 14, 2004 5:15 pm must be hard to leave the gorgeous grrrls of eskatonia behind........maybe not quite the same eh? goodluck nevertheless......


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showreel is now up there in more formats for anyone who wants it

there is now a sorenson quicktime and wmv so it should be easier to play on any system now.


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speak to eegor about japan.


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KNOCK (or trip) 'EM OUT!!!

much love,
little rog.

:D :wink:


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Not to state to obvious as you know him - but Mike Jay has contacts in Tokyo im pretty sure.

Anyway for everyone else Roger is going to talking VJing on Transport this wednesday night. Check it out.

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