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I won't belabour you all with details, but ... I've finally caught up!

Check out DoofPix for photos from NINE parties, including X-Dream, Eskimo, Psydewayz and even going as far back as January to the free Australiens night at the Lansdowne.

Soon to come: Earthdance 04, Cairns and New Caledonia.

(PS: A friendly reminder that contributions of photos will always be gladly accepted, PM Barry or myself to arrange something if you'd like your photos -- even if they're from old parties -- up on DoofPix.)


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Nice one MrBrains and MrBarry :)
Yoose blokes are Gentlemens and Scholars.



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Thankyou Brains :D


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awesome X-Dream photos.... although I think im too many of them :p


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wow it is the best :?


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New Cycle Logical pix now online


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BaRrY AnThOnY wrote :
New Cycle Logical pix now online

Awesome, Barry! :-) Nice pics!

If anyone else has some Cycle Logical pics they want online, let me know! :-) I'll make you a star! Well, maybe. Ok, maybe not.
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