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Nano Records presents Fragmented Reality by Circuit Breakers


Track List : Listen Full Streamed Preview / Download

1. High Roller by Circuit Breakers
2. Imagine the Impossible by Circuit Breakers
3. Hippies by Circuit Breakers
4. Square Stomp by Circuit Breakers
5. Congadroid by Circuit Breakers
6. Lost in Luggage Space by Circuit Breakers
7. We're Not Alone by Circuit Breakers
8. Strange Effect by Circuit Breakers
9. Commies by Circuit Breakers

Release Notes : Circuit Breakers is a psychedelic project from the psytrance veterans Dickster aka Dick Trevor (London) and Burn In Noise aka Gustavo Manfron (Brazil) presenting their debut album after sending dance floors into a frenzy with their energy-filled deep psychedelic sets around the world, an explosive set full of driving basslines, acid drenched soaring leads and cheeky samples like only these naughty knights can do!

Nano Records (basen in UK & South Africa) is one of the most respected Psy Trance labels presenting some of the most popular artists on the global circuit. Nano has several hit releases & is constantly ahead of the pack with new sounds and quality psy-trance. : CD quality legal psytrance downloads. Support the artists that make the music that move you.

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