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What's the opinion on this festival. If it's worth attending I'll alter my schedule to be there on time, and equally how hard to get to, where's the best place to be living to get there etc


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Yes, I think it is worth attending... especially if you are only visiting oz for a while. Tour busses will probably be running from Melbourne, very easy to get there. Keep an eye out for the official word about that though.


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Rainbow is easily the most beautiful and magically wonderful event i have ever been to. If i were to only pick one event a year to go to it would be rainbow hands down :)


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i very rarely suggest not thinking about something but in this case, don't think about it... JUST BE THERE!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:


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All you totally mad??? It is without a doubt the best festival in Australia by light years, I kid you not. If you what the best party in Australia, go. Just one point from a veteran; bring warm clothing for the night, and plenty of shade for the Day. The site is over five hundred meters above sea level, and since it is very close to the Southern Ocean, can and does get very cold. Actually, I predicted rain for this festival. It hasn't rain for six years, so I think the law of averages might mean we get some. Also, stopping at Beaufort, the local country town, is priceless. It is an " Australian county town"; complete we pub, Anzac statues, and funny locals. The locals love us, they make more money, see more new people, than at any time of the year. Basically, just go. YOU WILL LOVE IT. Cheers. :D :D :D


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RS is the real McCoy.


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Right I'm there, been trying to find dates and stuff, does it start on the 21st Jan, in which case I better try and book flights for the 10th or something, give me time to get settled. Do I take it that Melbourne is the nearest big city to head to. As for the cold weather ....... Plenty used to that in Sheffield, at one of our parties temperatures hit -10 degrees C, and still we danced, so always bring more clothes than could possibly need. Any other tips or things I should bring, either to the festival or Australia in general.


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Yeah. Bring a bbq and a bunch of food. You'll save a bundle. :)


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I'd say it's definately worth changing yer schedule for....was definately one of the partying highlights of my time in aus :D


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If it is winter in the UK and you are comming out and don't have time to get used to the climate then you won't mind the cool weather. It shouldn't get much colder than 10C at night, it definately won't get below freezing. Last RSF there was a light drizzle for a while and I was quite happy running around in shorts and a t-shirt the whole time. I found the temps to be warm. If you are comming down from equatorial regions then it might be a bit cold for you. The days can get *very* hot. Previous RSF have had temperatures of over 40C... so make sure you have a water bottle to drink lots of water!

Melbourne is the closest city.
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