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Dear Doofers,

Has anybody here ever been to Canada? Is there any Psy parties going on ova there, Toronto in particular? I have a mate in Vancouver that's involved with Tribal Harmonix All I've been told is that they organize killa parties in the stix, kinda Doofs, but not strictly Psy like here, they play more of a mix btw D'n'B, Breaks, Dub, Hiphop and Goa/PsyTrance..

Me and my girl are moving to Canada for a year in Jan, any insight will be hugely appreciated.

Peace, love!


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Ive been to one of said doof's in Van city back in 99. It was near a town called Squamish.

Yeah it was fairly mainstream, There were three stages: the main one played funky techno, then there was a hip-hop stage and a DnB stage. About 5000 people were there.

Ive never been to the east coast, but in BC it rains ever second day in summer and winter's fookin freezing so its pretty shit for outdoor parties..


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Shambhala happens in BC.... I lived in Canada for a couple of years (in BC) and there wasn't much of a psy scene there at that point, although I was living in the mountains.

As far as I could tell, East Coast was saturated with bad house and commercial trance. Quite tragic. Hopefully, for your sake, it's different now.

I just typed Psytrance Toronto into and found these for you: ... t-361.html


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Thanx for your insights..

Flash, yeah the Psy scene looks pretty dead over there, hopefully things have changed, a lot. I'm friends with a d00d called Doktor J his well informed in those Psychedelic matters, I should be taken cared off.

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greetingz australienZ,


indeed there is a psy-scene developing in canada - I would say mostly in british columbia. I recently wrote an article on it for entrance magainze:

Infected mushro0m is playing here again on monday.

also keep an eye on episode 13 ( ) for the sickest of of the psY.

doktor J



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hey man,
i lived in van for about a year, and the first week iw as there i found the weekly psy-trance night. it happens every friday night at a club called West 23 (the addy is 23 West Cordova st- downtown) i made the best friends there. i promise you will meet wicked people and hear some wicked tunes. if you meet a guy called goa pete, tell him mishelle sent ya!
their website is
(and the guy who runs the night is called chris)
in summer they have a few outdoors parties, which are usually in the most beautiful spots (i saw a bear coming back from a party once!) bc is a beautiful spot for outdoor doofs!
have fun man- i am jealous!



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Word up Dok!

Cheers Madame, I will. :wink:


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was living in Toronto last 7 years... came to see Melbourne for a year... 5th day so far overhere...

there's plenty of good parties going on...

check out: for more info...

there are +- all major and minor events listed...


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Hi Epha. There's a party on for the melbourneers tonight. If you are interested in going, head on over to the lifts section and hook yourself up. Goodluck. :)
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