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Hey to all
im going to be in tas for nye
i was wondering if any one could tell me of any worthwhile parties to catch
i know most people will be doin the festival tour but if any one knows of anything small PM me


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the nye doof keeps getting moved, last i heard is that its in cygnet now, will let you know when a final decision is made.


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much appreciated if u could
i got a few tunes too
anything would be great


Physical Body
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I'm coming to tassie and really want to spend NYE at a doof,

If you organise one i'll try and bring the aliens to it.

get ready for some telepathic mind control

please keep this forum current with changes



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yeah theres a bunch of us gongers and sydney people heading down there for NYE :) could be keen on some doof action if theres anything good :)

but mostly going for the wine and nature :)

ooooh yeah! :)

have a nice day


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Hi there Groovers!! Quick update re: NYE Doofin'...Tasalien, DjF & Module are keen to stomp out 2005 in the bush!!

When: 31st Dec 2005 till 1st Jan 2006
Where: Mickeys Beach, Past Randalls Bay near Cygnet
Dj lineup: (so far) Module, DjF, D.Matty.T, Ellis.d....stay tuned
Decor: Twisted Bush Decor

Will keep you informed peoples! Hope you all have a great xmas...and catch yas in the 2006!!

Go to Oztrance for queries
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Sounds good
Im keen as all fuk
luvin it down here
lush no matter were you go
great change from cookin in cairns
hey dan just wondering were you are in tas?
a tassy kick DOWN!! Brilliant
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