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As many of you might know Hobart has undergone a trial 3am lockout for all clubs and pubs. What many of you might not realise is that this trial is up and about to be evaluated.

check here for background and an interview

In response to the fact that the only people that have made submissions to the commmitee appear to be those in support of this lockout, or stronger restrictions, a petition has been drawn up:

"We, the undersigned respectfully state our strong opposition to the current 3AM lock outs of Hobart clubs and hotels and request they be discontinued forthwith."

You can add your name to the petition at the following places: Nourish Cafe, Ruffcut Records, Sabotage, Jimmys Skate, Pool on Liverpool, Freaked out Fashions and more tba

If you'd like your own copy you can print out, get your friends to sign then send back please email: psywise (at)

• We believe the 3AM lock outs are the first step of an ongoing campaign to shut down Hobart nightlife, we fear that the next step will be the forced closure of pubs and clubs after 3 AM or earlier;
• We believe these lock outs are an infringement on our natural rights to freedom of movement and punish those who have a genuine reason for leaving a club or pub with the intention to return;
• Such lock outs, should they continue after the current trial period, will be damaging to the tourist industry and local economy, especially within the under-35 age bracket;
• There is little incentive for Hobart's youth to remain in Tasmania with such draconian measures in place;
• Lock outs are compounding the very issues they were implemented to solve:
- there are more people moving aimlessly around the city after 3AM than ever before because they cannot gain entry to licensed premises
- there are more disturbances outside venues due to altercations with crowd controllers and other patrons while queueing;
- As more people move away from drinking at licensed venues and towards drinking (or continuing to drink) at home, disturbances and domestic disputes will become more widespread in the suburbs. It will be harder for police to control numerous call outs across the city than maintain a police presence within the waterfront areas which are safer due to better lighting and lower speed limits than suburban areas.
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