The Semitic Task.

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silly the kid
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"don't date a woman that's huge....that's just rewarding bad behaviour"...



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whoa.. the boundaries of bigotry have sure been extended on FB's view of things.
if a group of people start claiming that a green, benevolent, squishy octopus was sprung into creation by .. um.. by.. um, ok by herself, to then create a world filled with wonderful and not-so-wonderful earthlings, sending some to blubber-paradise and others to eternal suffering, and I draw a cartoon, aimed at humour, passing off this state of affairs as irrational and farcical: I might be insensitive. But i'm not a bigot! Judging someone's beliefs as irrational does not imply a bigotry, and nor does making a joke about it. Those cartoons take the piss in the same way that ALL cartoonists' satire takes the piss. no one is spared from satire, and nor should anyone be. this is not bigotry, it is probing public discourse! long may it flourish, at the expense of all!
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