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silly the kid
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From memory one of the predictions of the Wingmakers was that proof of the existence of the human soul was immanent. Well this experiment looks to be relevant to that debate:


Almost 20 per cent of people who are resuscitated after a cardiac arrest can remember details about their experience -- what the doctor said or how the room looked. But how can the brain function when a person is clinically dead? Doctors in Southampton in England are conducting a study in hospital emergency rooms to see if the mind can really function outside the body.

It will be very interesting to read the results and see how they are interpreted by people...
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After things like this the government still keeps DMT banned? These experiences are the result of the brain releasing large amounts of dimethyltryptamine because it thinks the body is dieing. Thats why most people who have near death experiences come back as though they have had a massive enlightening religious journey and saw their life flash before their eyes ect. This is the result of the DMT released when we are born sleep and die, but the strongest is when we die. Similar things are also observed when very large amounts are ingested, bodily functions can temporarily begin to shut down resulting in defecation of ones self, very low digestive function, as well as slowed and warped brain patterns, these effects only lasting several minutes though. I would be very interest to know what the doctors and scientists can figure out about the death phenomenon.

What a way to die!
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Mrbadgeman is right I think....the reason why the release of DMT allows us to have experiences when we are "clinically dead" (ie when our hearts have stopped beating) is that the gland which produces DMT is located in an area of the brain directly surrounded by the areas that control sensory perception. This means that DMT does not need to be transported to the sensory perception centres via the blood stream and a pumping heart - the DMT reaches these brain centres directly due to its close location to them. Thus, we can be 'dead' and still have experiences for a while after our 'death'. Well, according to one book I read anyway (I think MrBadgeman may have read it too ;) ).
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