I'm moving to Sydney !!! It's Ghettafunkt :)

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Hey Sydney peeps :)

I never thought or imagined I would be moving to Sydney but I am!!!!

Not for another couple of months (probly just b4 or after Earth Frequency Festival) but look out here i come :)))

So i want to ask the best places to live. My partner in crime will be working in Marrickville @ Set 2 Stage. I've been told St Peters is cool. I dont wanna live in Newtown (I dont think) .... any suggestions???

thanks peta
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Well, its all relative to your income and how much you are prepared to spend. The Sydney real estate market is capitalist win win win expensive, be it for rental or purchase.

I've lived in Newtown for the past 20 years or so and the prices keep going up and up. For me it's convenient (I work in the CBD), runs 24hrs and has a cultured sense of community and is from my experience crime free. I doubt I will ever leave. It is however, expensive.

St Peters is not a bad choice, although they are planning large scale coal seam mining in the area and it is a bit of a ghetto.

Stanmore, Petersham, Dulwich Hill and Marrickville are probably your best bet in regards to cost if you don't care for the Newtown vibe. Marrickville has a great community, rents are accessible and there are lots of organic/markets/hippy type products....if you like that kind of thing :P

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And if you want to live in any of those inner suburbs, be prepared for the real estate agent to require you to make a deposit right away, sign away your firstborn and submit to a full cavity search.

Seriously though, having written references from prior landlords really helps.

At least that was my most recent experience some 2 years back, it might be better now but I doubt it very much.
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Whatever you do, don't go to Mount Druitt.
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try earlwood - it's close to marrickville - just over the river and you can get a house with a yard for comparable inner west rents - there are also trees, the cook's river walk/cycle that goes forever, adora cafe and more space - unless you want a busy, urbane city vibe of course - it's burby (tho very safe in my experience) and the 412 does take forever to get into the city! good luck in sydney - i love it and am not from here - but it is pretty expensive - then again - where isn't it expensive to live in Aust. these days? ahh affluence...
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I remember back inthe late 90s I was offered a unit to buy in Glebe... I thought... ahhh too expensive for that slum.... hmmmm.. I'd be a millionare right now if I did.... oh well.....

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