The Magic Robot

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The Magic Robot

This board game is at my Mums House . . .

It used to be called the Magic Robot, it worked by using Magnetism, you would spin the robot around pointing to a question & then you would place it in another hole & the robot would spin around & give the awnser. The game was created in 1935 in New Zealand, just before the second world war, it was based on radio technology but it was a completely new concept & it was the godfather of all computers. Some say the game was created by a swedish radio man who was born in 1908, but the actual global marketing of the game occured in New Zealand in the 1930's. This game was distributed all round the world & it has been long rumoured that the Global IT Information Technology industry ripped off this New Zealand technology . . .




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Oh I get it, bindigoat is a bot. That's why it just pulls random shit out of context in posts that don't make any sense.

Got it. It's all clear now.

Very funny whoever's behind it...
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Does anybody have any little golden books they want to offload

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Give them away? Golden Books are worth their weight in Gold. Just at the guilding on the spine... I'll sell you mine for $35,637.25.

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~> I'm selling 1998.

Bugger all really happened other than a heap of hype over the Millennium bug and also some confusion over when to celebrate the new millennium and what it was actually about other than an opportunity for advertising agencies.
By then, it had also become sadly apparent that the Robots we had been promised since the 60's (that would be here by the year 2000), were all owned by car manufacturers that made cars that could travel to the Moon and back but no one has built the road yet!

...and I still had to clean up after myself.

I bought a 3Gig Cap and a Blue T-Shirt that said it was Y2k OK, but warned of my crashed pants.

1996 was better, there was still a little hope left so Id prefer to keep it.

P.S Fu$king Magnets, How do they work?

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