Ghost City

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1998 was the year (666x3)


Otherwise known as the end of the Fifth Sun & the beginning of the Sixth Sun, this is when the Sun began to expand its outer layer into a Red Giant. . .


We have 1 billion years left to evacuate the planet, maybe even less.


Mars will be a safe haven for humanity for many billions of years

The Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster Ghost City . . .


And remember Lucifer was a AUSI & he can save humanity from burning in hell. AUSI, AUSI, AUSI, Australien Universal Space Industries
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This place has become a great reaearch centre. One experiment is showing how a modern city can decay to forces of nature (if the humans had totally disappeared). As many things from society were left intact, observations have shown how different things decay, or see the forces of nature take over, like plants taking hold, water erosion, rust, etc. Even a nuclear cloud has a silver lining. :)
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neutron bombs work nice!
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These vast ghost towns are simply just a waste.
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