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Yeah i know, what? It's been a bizarre year as spiritual experiences have been hugely accelerating and unfolding in me. It's all subjective of course, but i tell thee it's confirmed what my research and limited forays into the spiritual have led me to believe. And i'm not the only one apparently, as well as UFO sightings going thru the roof in the past year, the number of people 'waking up' and channeling messages from various realms and enlightened civilizations has also gone thru said roof. Make of it what you will but when you see people of all ages and from all countries worldwide suddenly receiving messages saying the same dang beautiful things about the 'transition' humanity is going thru, well. What are you supposed to think.

Personally everything being said agrees with every spiritual conclusion i've ever reached and every thing i'd pieced together regarding indigenous myths of the galactic alignment. 2012 is on! and with the arrests of the evil bankers the truth is gonna start spilling out and melting peoples heads. Get ahead of the game, figure it out and start following your heart in all things. Or laugh at the crazy guy who took too much lsdeeeeeee. :)

Think of this as your 'Wake up Call' you ordered prior to incarnating. It's why we're all here!

Oh yeah, Archangel Michael.. He's rad, ask him for anything anytime (for the highest good of course), he has seriously got your back. Oh and put out of your mind a winged warrior dude, an Archangel is a super high frequency of coherent light tasked with maintaing the smooth flow of the 'Game' we're all playing.
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Oh yeah, he's asked me to do something.. I'm nearly finished it, will post it up here when i do. At the very least you'll get a good laugh out of it! :)
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I'm the Arch Angel Lucifer . . .

I was friends with the Arch Angel Gabriel, Michael & Raphael & my mothers name was Helen & she was Queen of the Hells Angels . . .

Their were 4 Arch Angels, Gabriel, Michael, Lucifer & Raphael. Gabriel, Michael & Lucifer were boys & Raphael was a Girl, all four people are still alive today & they can be contacted by using this email,

Note Lucifer who was also known as Georgie Porgie, has written a public declaration otherwise known as the final judgement for humanity & he also will be releasing a book & a computer system very soon, contact to make further enquires about making contact with Lucifer for he is the public relations officer of the other three Arch Angels & is available for distributing the final judgement for humanity & he also will be releasing a book & a computer system very soon ... er/s-FUvCY

Dear Lord Legend Of Red Dragon . . .

To my dear friends who were pilots & to my kind uncle who worked for NASA & to my dear old passed away friend who split the atom & long live Pred my dear passed away friend who coded the engine for indymedia & wikipedia & to my dear friend Gabriel & my dearest mother Helen.

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Lucifer is brilliant. Not evil at all.

He just came up with an 'alternate' way to experience reality. total seperation. Genius. Within that 'framework' certain beings have moved to quite dark levels and were attempting to control all reality. Thats fine, everything is allowed in the game. They did quite well, but eventually, the light prevails. Earth has actually been one of the last battlegrounds for the past 13000 years.

Game up in 6 months.

Everything gets groovy.

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