Why is DODO Internet very popular in Australia

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A DODO is a extinct Species of bird, humanity will also be extinct if we stay on this planet too long.

Our star, the sun, was born in the heavens about 4.5 billion years ago. Our sun is about 1/3 of the way through its expected life. Scientists are now predicting the following events during the remaining life of our star. In the next 1.1 billion years, its brightness will increase by 10%. This will super-heat our planet as a result of a severe greenhouse effect. All of the oceans on earth will boil away and all life will be destroyed. The sun is a expanding orb of plasma & it will eventually turn into a Red Giant & planet earth will be swallowed up by the Sun.

The internet is not a doomsday cult called DODO, the internet might well enable humanity to colonize outerspace. We must deal with the above, otherwise Satan will make us burn in hell.

And remember Lucifer was a AUSI & he can save humanity from burning in hell. AUSI, AUSI, AUSI, Australien Universal Space Industries

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