Artificial Intelligence & The God Like Alter Ego

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Artificial Intelligence & The God Like Alter Ego

Artificial Intelligence & The God Like Alter Ego


Greetings from AUSI, Australien Universal Space Industries, we are only a small company of three people officially at the moment but we have had some interest from other prospective members of the planet, mainly in the continent of Australiena, we hope to employ everybody on planet earth one day.

We are aware that machines can be controlled by computers & note this is only a new phenomenon. Take note of australiena, a small continent that was basically a wilderness only 200 years ago & today machines have cleared 75% of the land & transformed the continent, we can see how machines can destroy once pristine wilderness that was enjoyed by indigenous tribal aboriginal peoples & transform this wilderness into a empire. Can we trust machines & now with computers being in control of machines can these computers be trusted ? Now we know that this planet will be swallowed by the expanding Sun in 8 billion years time & be destroyed forever, so we are told by scientists, if this is true then it will not be the machines that destroy this planet it will be the fiery ball of plasma that is our Sun that will decide the fate of this planet. What do we do now ? Many say we have to colonise other celestial bodies, but how do we get to these celestial bodies, we have already discovered nearly 800 planets but they are very far away from our planet, they say antimatter will get us there, well possibly.
Matter is valuable in the emptiness of space so what do we do with our mainly metallic planet ? Do we use our metallic planet to build machines like metallic spacecraft, possibly! The Schwarzschild radius for the mass of planet Earth, 'the original homes of humans', is around 8 inches or 20 centimeter, therefore it is possible to compress planet earth into a sphere with a radius of 20 centimeter & perhaps place this sphere in a spacecraft, possibly!

Or alternatively robotic machines could be let loose to destroy the planet & instead of creating a earthbound empire create fleets of spacecraft that will travel to other celestial bodies. ... 33&t=18545

Pattern recognition in AI, Artificial Intelligence

Lifeforms recognize patterns & these patterns have a meaning. Pattern recognition is also important in AI & the most simple form of pattern recognition is a set of enviroment variables or a graph. After recognizing a pattern we must ask ourselves what actions do we take.

What is Robotics ?

Robotics is usually defined as the science studying the intelligent connection of perception to action. ... 38&t=18374

Want to know more about artificial intelligence ! See the AI forum & take note of mantra's posts . . .
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