World Corporate Government Is Coming

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World Corporate Government Is Coming

[1] Today corporations operate in many nations, they are called multinational corporations.

[2] Universities Hoard thesis's & dissertation's & sell them to the highest bidder & the buyers of these thesis's & dissertation's are usually corporations.

[3] Patent law protects monopolies by not openly disclosing intellectual property to the general public.


[4] National Governments have thus become impotent, neglecting the basic human rights of its tenants & citizens.

[5] Mental health is governed by multinational pharmaceutical companies & anyone who refuses to work for a corporation is drugged to death for their entire natural lives.



Thus we are just beginning to see world corporate government, where everybody on planet earth is under the authority of multinational corporations.

AUSI, Australien Universal Space Industries has the technology to take humanity to other worlds & AUSI thus propose that every corporation & business in the world sell their operations to AUSI, Australien Universal Space Industries, AUSI, Australien Universal Space Industries hopes to employ everybody on planet earth & AUSI, Australien Universal Space Industries will be eventually made up of countless subsidiaries, AUSI, Australien Universal Space Industries developed the original engine to the first indymedia site in the world & was on friendly terms with the founder of wikileaks, thus AUSI, Australien Universal Space Industries believes in disclosure, opensource technology, human rights & business ethics, now is the time to spread the word & enlist the support of everybody on planet earth, now is the time for all of humanity to join up with AUSI, Australien Universal Space Industries.

AUSI discover 1000 planets & hundreds of moons

AUSI, Australien Universal Space Industries have discovered 1000 planets & hundreds of moons & allmost all of them can host life, note life on these exoplanets will be different than life on our planet as we probably will have to build special habitats like that pictured.


AUSI also has developed a transportation system that will take us to these 1000 planets & hundred of moons.

AUSI is also working on other technologies that will enable humanity to travel to these approx 1000 planets & hundreds of moons. ... emystified

Who is AUSI ? AUSI, Australien Universal Space Industries is a multinational association that has been operating in Australia, Europe & the United States for 44 years, AUSI was affilitated with the deep space network which recently celebrated its 40th birthday, AUSI spent a number of years at Area 51 in Nevada, USA. AUSI works with observatories in Australia & overseas, their main base observatories used to be Pine Gap & a observatory in Abruzzo Italy. However recently AUSI moved their operations to a observatory just on the outskirts of Northern Sydney in a very secretive location that only a few people know about. AUSI developed the original engine to the first indymedia site in the world which was originally called Sydney indymedia, but this technology has been long distributed to other indymedia sites all round the world. Two of AUSI's associates worked for NASA, North American Space Agency for many years. AUSI has always been affiliated with since was first created allmost two decades ago & AUSI see the psytrance & goatrance movement as supporting breakthrough concepts & outerspace colonization.

This all sounds like good news but do not expect to travel to any of these discovered planets or moons in your lifetime as the trip could take between 8 hours to 100,000 years or more, the further the planet or moon is, the longer it will take to get there, this means people will live, die & be born on starships. We have the technology to travel to these foreign planets & moons but we still have to apply the technology & this will only occur with public support & we do not really have much public support as most people on planet earth are fatalists, meaning in modern times, post man walking on the moon, fatalism implies not to believe in space exploration & that humanity will end their existence on this planet without ever venturing to other planets or moons to establish colonies.

AUSI, AUSI, AUSI, Australien Universal Space Industries

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