A future alongside robots

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A future alongside robots . . .

The robotic economy is when everything is done by robots, humans operate, repair & build the robotic machines & also concentrate on science, engineering & outer space colonization research.

High speed fiber optic internet technology & wifi technologies are being expanded all over Australia & artificial intelligence & robotic technology is advancing all over the world, so what does this mean ? Well it is highly likely that in the future robots will do all kinds of work for humanity, this will allow humanity to think freely, socialize, play sport & do art & engage in more recreational activity involving flora & fauna. Because the robots will do all kinds of work for humanity they will have to pay tax & the tax will be used to finance social security payments to humans. Robotic spacecraft are already exploring the solar system & beyond & in the future these types of robots will build human habitats & human ecosystems & biospheres on foreign planets & moons & humanity will propagate themselves out into the cosmos.

Typical Lunar or Martian town . . .


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