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Each human is worth $7993 ! But Australians worth less !

Posted: Tue Feb 17, 2015 10:52 pm

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Each human on earth is worth $7993 ! But Australians are worth less !

According to a website each human on earth is worth $760. But our calculations conclude that this figure is wrong. This is because over the ages the rich have gotten richer while the rest of humanity has gotten poorer, the richest people in the world own the most money in the world & therefore they control the circulation & distribution of money, these people are known as billionaires & note their are millionaires as well.

The global population of 7000 billionaires have a total net worth of approx 5.4 trillion dollars & note their money is not evenly distributed as each billionaire has more or less billions than another billionaire but all up these billionaires have a total net worth of approx 5.4 trillion dollars.

12 million people are millionaires & they have a net worth of 12000 trillion dollars so we see millionaires have more money than the billionaires do.

So far their is 12005.4 trillion dollars for 12,000,700 people or we can say their is approx close to 13 trillion dollars tied up in the hands of 13 million people.

But their is 60 trillion dollars circulating around the globe & this means that 47 trillion dollars must be owned by the rest of the human population & therefore each person is worth $7993.2 dollars as their is approx 6 billion people in the world or shall we say approx 5.8 billion people because of subtracting the number of millionaires & billionaires.

So if your not a billionaire or a millionaire their is a good chance that you are worth about $8000 when your wealth is compared to the rest of humanity.

However note not everybody in Australia is a billionaire or even a millionaire & because Australia has imported alot of goods from overseas for a long time now we now have a trillion dollar debt & if we take this figure into account then each Australian is in debt $43478 & therefore each Australian is not even worth $8000 when compared to the rest of humanity because of our trillion dollar debt & so each Australian is worth nothing but owes $43478.


How Australia sold out to the Middle east & Asia . . .

Before 1975 Australia used its own oil reserves & manufactured most goods & machinery in Australia, however after 1975 trade was opened up to the Middle east & Asia & Australia begun to use middle eastern oil reserves & imported alot of goods from Asia. The Australian manufacturing sector was flushed down the toilet & Australia relied heavily on dwindling coal exports, renewable energy took a back seat after the abolition of the carbon tax.

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Why Global Trade Is Not Working . . .

Australia is the world's highest carbon emitter, for Australians are the world’s worst CO2 emitters per capita. The decision to ratify the Kyoto Protocol has not been enough, alot more needs to be done. The main reason why Australia is the world’s worst CO2 emitter per capita is that Australia relies heavily on global trade. Technologies like the internet make the global economy work. Freedom of access to technologies, designs, patents & scientific & academic developments from all over the world. However, the logistics of the global trade of goods can consume so much energy that global trade becomes very energy demanding & may even have to be stopped, their can still be the global trade of information, freedom of access to technologies, designs, patents & scientific & academic developments from all over the world, by using technologies like the internet. But when it comes to the actual global trade of goods well this should be reduced. With technologies like robotics their is really no need for the global trade of goods, as long as continents have a geographically diversified homegrown robotics industry.


The high Australian dollar is not sustainable for it results in the over consumption of energy resources while future generations will miss out on utilizing the worlds energy resources. The logistics involved in transporting goods into & out of Australia via overseas burns alot of energy resources. People have no idea how much energy resources are wasted by importing & exporting goods overseas. Its about time machinery & other goods were manufactured in Australia like was done in the past & the only way for this to happen is when Australia has a low dollar value & is not overly engaged in the global trade of goods.


Why things should be Australian made !

Designing & making things fuels people creativity, intelligence & general well being, this results in the person living a truly productive & fulfilling life. The life of aristocrats is not a rewarding life. Science & engineering & general creativity are good for the human soul, to design, invent, modify & create. Also designing & building things builds character, fitness & intelligence & results in a people evolving to be more smarter & fitter than previous generations.


Why Australia needs a manufacturing sector . . .

Australia is a continent & all continents should have a manufacturing sector, ideally the manufacturing sectors should be located in Australia's major cities due to their close proximity to ports & rail infrastructure, like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, perhaps Hobart also needs a manufacturing sector. When you import goods from overseas you use alot of valuable energy resources, energy resources which should be conserved for future generations. Yes they say manufacturing should compete on a global scale but a more energy efficient form would be to say that manufacturing should compete on a continental scale so as to omit the over use of energy resources when you transport goods overseas on ships.

How can Australia be self sufficient in manufacturing . . .

Before the late 1970's Australia was self sufficient in manufacturing, however corrupt governments signed trade agreements with Asia & this resulted in Australia accumulating a huge foreign debt. Asians would take advantage of Australians & charge alot of money for their manufactured products that were exported from Asia to Australia. This resulted in 1 in 5 Australians being diagnosed with a mental disorder. Since the 1970's robotic technology has advanced all over the world & its now possible for robots to manufacture all types of goods & this is why Australia needs a diversified robotic manufacturing industry in Australia's capital cities, however, Asiatic city folk will say that there is no room for these industrial robots in Australia's capital cities, they will say this so they can continue to rip off Australians by selling them expensive products manufactured in Asian countries, this is why Australians must either build underground robotic factories in Australia's capital cities or alternatively buy up properties in the cities & demolish them so as to make way for the construction of robotic factories.