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Hey how are you all; well the nimbin hemp embassy http://hempembassy.net has been renovated, for many years it was just a static HTML website and when even they wanted to update grammatical errors it would be physically tolled and hack from the physicality of the site, but here at Chronolabs Cooperative (http://labs.coop) we having the same trouble with (http://extraterrestrialembassy.com) got in touch; alan sea salt agree to us having a go to curb the effect and upgrade the site.

We now hold the domain for them and provide the data services from our http://registrar.labs.coop ~ it has a forum and you can sign up and be a client not just some sort of junked out end user. There is also the ability to set up a signing with the embassy through establishing your self sign DS Certificates and 3x3. It iis sitting flush and finished like her fine woodation and it has a flavour-sweet physics which is what our registrar which has no front door you have to know us being a closed system to use the service's there.

But if your having data service issue get in touch, I am sure your not the only one with some of the debauch stuff going on the web at the moment!
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