Raptor the Chronocals!!

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I have started a chronologistic forum lui; http://au.syd.labs.coop/chronocals/index.html ~~ do you like my CSS I have a feed called Tweetables on http://au.syd.labs.coop/tweetable.php that will go around answering peoples similar keywords on twitter as a reply from the forum... only reason is there is not much content on there..

But we have ooh so badly focus, and you know if you really wanted to get on people's nerves like "Gripes, Whinges, Complaints and giving someone a shit review!" and you know addressing it; it will come up and tag stuff on twitter with a couple of crons I have written periodically.. in sets of 3 or 4 sessions per individual thread..

Anyway, Would be nice to see some of you register as Chronauts at http://au.syd.labs.coop/chronauts/register,register,0,0.html ~~ This will be the last time, there is no coming up or acting up this time final in final 2nd junction

The theme they're isn't finished still very beta of Super Extreme Closest 1.02..
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