The world electric grid

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The world electric grid

All of the continents should be electrically connected with each other via submarine electric cable or overhead electric cable, this is so electricity can be transported between different continents all round the world.

Australian coal & gas was used to construct vast hydroelectricity infrastructure in Asia & India & no doubt Australia would want to build electric submarine cables that go from Northern Australia to Asia & India so that Australia can use hydroelectricity coming from Asia & India.

Alot more electricity, oil based fuels like methanol, ethanol, biodiesel, algae fuel & hydrogen fuel is being produced by renewable energy.

Solar energy
Tidal power
Wave power
Wind power
Osmotic power
Marine current power
Ocean thermal energy conversion
Hydrogen extraction from the oceans ... s-out.html

Would You Please Consider A Job In Renewable Energy



JUDGEMENT In The Land Of The Southern Cross

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