Doofers guide to motor vehicle maintenance

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Doofers guide to motor vehicle maintenance . . .

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DOWNLOAD . . . Doofers guide to motor vehicle maintenance . . .


In the old days most cars were made in Australia. An Australian made car used to cost $1000 brand new. I tried fixing up a old Australian made car but I couldn't compete with the Asian technology. However I still wrote this handbook which you can download from the above link. Doofers are very resourceful people & often will travel to the highlands to do some agrarian work & have a little dance to some funky beats, such work relies on durable machinery like a motor vehicle that is reliable.


So what work do you do to a motor vehicle that has clocked 150,000 km or more!


Skipping oil changes & not replacing oil filter or waiting too long between oil change intervals can cause the oil to become dirty, which can erode engine components, such as oil seals and valve gaskets

You probably will have to replace a few bushes in the front end.

You should check your brake pads & replace all four brake pads if needed & its good to
bleed the brake fluid & replace it.

You will probably need new tires.

Alternator replacement.

You probably will need a exhaust system service, this could mean a new muffler or exhaust pipes.

You most likely will need a new battery.

You will need a fuel filter change.

You will need a oil filter change.

You will need a engine oil change.

You will need to replace the pcv valve, positive crankcase ventilation valve.

The windscreen wiper blades should be replaced.

Gearbox oil replacement or automatic transmission fluid change.

Radiator flushing & use coolant instead of water.

You might need to replace the odd light globe in your lights.

Something electrical not working, you might need a new fuse in the fuse box, they are usually rated in amps.

Brake switch might need replacement.

Spark plugs might need replacement.

You might need new ignition leads that run from the distributor to the spark plugs.

You might need a new distributor.

Shock absorbers replacement, there is one for every wheel.

Carburetor reconditioning or in modern cars a electronic fuel injection service.

Fan belts replacement.

Timing belt for the camshaft probably will need replacing.

Harmonic balancer might need replacing

Starter motor replacement.

Water pump replacement.

Bearings in wheels might need replacement they are in the front of the wheel hub.

Ball joints & cv joints replacement near the back of the wheels.

Rack & pinion service or replacement or steering service might involve replacement of the pitman arm.

In power steering you might need a new reconditioned power steering system

In manual cars you might need a clutch plate replacement.

Air filter will need to be replaced.

Seat belt replacement.

Seat cover replacement.

Master brake fluid cylinder replacement.

Hoses might need to be replaced.

Door hinges replacement, this is only done rarely.

Engine gasket replacement, head gasket or gasket for the rocker cover on top of the engine.

Piston rings replacement.

Automatic transmission re-conditioning which usually involves water jet cleaning & degrease of automatic transmission housing. Otherwise manual transmission gearbox cleaning which involves water jet cleaning & degrease & checking for worn gear cogs. This also involves cleaning inside the differential.

Note today most cars have hardened valve seats meaning there is no more need for leaded fuel, so your valve seats won't usually need any work.

If the air conditioner, rear window demister & fan & heater are not working you might need a new power relay.

If you do work in rural areas take it easy on those bumpy & unpredictable rural roads cause you could crack your windscreen & this is expensive & troublesome to repair.

Also trucks & other mechanical machinery is usually maintained in the same way by looking for faults & identifying worn parts & replacing them.

Diesel engines in trucks are very reliable, but there is always room for diesel mechanics.

In regards to basic servicing the engine oil needs to be changed & the gearbox oil needs to be changed, radiator water flushed & refilled with coolant.

The above listed parts & other parts not mentioned above can be identified in a numeric list & all have to be replaced, you can obtain information about the specific numbers of thousands of kilometers a certain part will last for.

So you see it is easy to repair & maintain vehicles. Note a vehicle might not need all of the above work done, only some work done.

It is easy to make repairs to a vehicle instead of replacing the vehicle.

Remember that upgraded & repaired motor vehicles are more environmentally friendly than purchasing new vehicles because less resources & materials are used to make repairs to vehicles.

The Sydney harbor bridge is not scrapped & re-built & cars are the same, however a lot of foolish & un-environmental people do scrap their cars & buy new ones as opposed to treating their cars & repairing them as they should do. There are mechanics, auto electricians & panel beaters & there are tools & equipment which can be had at auto shops like auto one, repco, autobarn & supercheap auto. Save the worlds energy resources & treat & repair your car. Whats really needed is a robotic pit stop that repairs all kinds of car problems, yes robots that repair cars.


If you own a car you are expected to make your own repairs to the car, remember that a car is just like a horse & when you own a horse you have to look after a horse. A car is no different to a horse & in the same way a horse is looked after a car should be looked after as well.

Many people say that there is not enough mechanics in this world so be your own mechanic. ... 33&t=18930


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