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CONQUEST presents

Friday 14th November 2008

Hi-Fi Bar & Ballroom
125 Swanston Street

NEW lighting rig & line-array sound

A very special prize...

More information very soon!


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I guess I will try my luck here as other forum may be homophobes.

Had saved this post from other forum that bared me, for being gay I suppose. :shock: :lol:

Hi guys , this is my first post on this forum. I'm new to this forum stuff. So I should
introduce myself. First off (not going to beat about bush) I'm gay and proud:rock: can
take all the jokes etc. I'm also Greek and have been in Oz 5 yrs. A friend of mine just
told me about this white party yesterday. I loved those parties back in Mykonos ,
Pierro's and Ikaros great times. Fun times Super Paradise.:drool:

Anyway friend was telling me last night to check this party out here etc. I saw the pic
in a previous post and yeh that's hot. There is a group of about 20 or so of my close
friends a few drag Queens, TG's but mostly gay couples and 1 0r 2 Bi's. I have not been
to this venue before and was wondering how Club Management are with action in the

Not heard much psytrance in the past but what I heard, loved it. I think it was Astrix.
Fuck he is hot and I couldn't keep my eyes off him.:drool: So are these DJ's for the
White party as hunky as Astrix:lol: Thanks Conquest for bringing white back into my club
life. Memories and I'm looking forward to digging out my white leather assless shorts
and chaps and favorite white singlet.

More info would be great, I'm just curious why I haven't seen it publicised at any of
these places ... e/bars.htm.

So yeh more info for the Gay scene will be great.

Anybody know any good places in Sydney for gays into psy and trance?

So looking forward to this White party see pic below. I can smell the male pheromones by just looking at it.
Bring it on . I also go up to Sydney often to catch up with some action as there is some really good beats happening up in Sydney town. So let me know when your going to put on a good Homo Party Conquest :D
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