Melbourne Psy dj's artist WANTED!!!

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thanks to all who responded! Now have enough to fill a large shipping container.
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Hi there,

Please check out my psy project Plague Sequence:

Signed to Sector 9 Studios, have played extensively through AU and Europe. Currently O/S but returning to Melbourne next week.

My stuff isn't psy-breaks but please do take a listen and let me know if you can slot me into a party in or around Melb!
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Teejay wrote :
I'm looking for up and coming Psy dj's and artists for future events in and around Melb town!!
Any one who is keen, please drop me a line with links to your slutspace or whatever, or give me a quick speel about your awesomeness.
I'm very interested in PSYBREAKS dj's/makers (Saw a PSY breaks dj at one of ozzy's brown alley doofs and was blown away!)
I'll be trawling through the profiles on here too!
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Mekultra has just moved down to Melbourne - hes' played at many parties up in NSW - esp the Newie ones.....really great tunes:) you should get in touch with him, his Australiens name is Phantomas :)


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Hi There,

I'm a bit of a prog head, mainly drop progressive stuff and a bit of a psy here and there, no harm in passing on a set for you to have a listen to I guess and see if it would fit in with any parties you do.


Anyways give that a listen if you like see what you think.

Don't really use myspace...

Anyways catch ya round.
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