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MuTaGeN Creations presents
Open Air Tribal Gathering

Saturday 18th - Sunday 19th April 2009

A truely unique celebration of life in all forms, join us as we nestle ourselves in the beautiful australian bush for over 24 hours of some of the finest Producers, DJ's, Artists & Performers Australia and indeed the world has to offer.. With the overwhelming success of the last Diaspora, were ready to do it all over again, featuring a smorgasboard of International, Interstate and local acts ready to shake the ground you walk on.. Watch this space :-)

LineUp Announcements so far..

ZULOOP/VOICE OF COD - Organic/Transie/Liquid Records (UK)

Zuloop is a psytrance project of Andrew Humphries.
A bit about him : He was born in the UK, and moved with his parents to Brisbane, Australia in 1982 when he was 9. He spent the next 17 years going to school, bashing at drums and computers, honking clarinets, singing in the choir and generally being noisy. In 1999 it was time for a change, so he moved to London to work as a programmer, whilst in the evenings practicing his DJing and expanding his record collection.
Through partying on the weekends he got to know some good people and ended up playing at a lot of the big psytrance parties like Return to the Source (long time heroes), Liquid Connective, and more. Whilst running a psytrance net radio show on from my flat, he started writing trance under the name of Mr Biscuit, releasing several tracks on Organic Records (which he also did A&R for). Then he met Colin and formed Voice of Cod, which lead to an album and gigs all over the world.
Since then he has again been focussing on producing on his own. He just had 3 months off from programming to write tunes and is hoping to stick to freelance work from now on to give him enough time for music, as there are very few things he enjoys more.

Zuloop is a cross between Zulu & Loop, the Zulu part referrring to the African tribe and the tribal spirit whilst the Loop comes from the art (science? religion ??) of music production. Dita, his significant other, came up with the name during a brainstorming session while we were on holiday.

TERRAFRACTYL - Sundance/Psypnuematix/Vertigo Records (Melb)

In the dark forests of Tasmania in the mid 90's Felix Greenlees discovered the wild sounds of Goa trance and was instantly captivated. After a few years of unsuccessfully trying to make anything like it, he got distracted studying and playing classical music.

Now with his feet planted firmly back in the realms of psychedelia, Felix has been playing at
parties all around Australia, whipping party goers into a frenzy on the dancefloor and has shared the stage with the likes of U-Recken, Penta, Perfect Stranger, Kindzadza, Loud, Shift, Cosm, Neuromotor, Bufo and Tsabeat just to name a few

Being trained as a bassoon player and with years of experience writing and performing music, has brought many different influences to his music. Classical, blues, jazz, breaks and many more are all infused into a distinctly melodic, uplifting and psychedelic morning trance. His interest in chaos theory, fractal artwork and sacred geometry has also shaped his music heavily over the past few years.

Felix also writes downbeat music with David Kastner as 'Mental Extensions', some very wacky trance with Launchpad and Positive Thought as 'Free Standing Pickles', has written some extreme groove inducing trance with Quench. Most recently, Felix has recently started writing strange psychedelic breaks under the name Hypnagog

He has released tracks on Sundance, Psypneumatix and Regen Records and has upcoming releases with Vertigo and Adapted records, you should also expect to see his debut album 'Chrysalis' out very soon on Sundance records.

With a possible upcoming tour of Russia and Europe through Vertigo Records, and sets at most of the parties this summer and beyond, we are very happy to have Felix back again at 'Diaspora 2'

THE CHOJIN - Comawake/GreenMajik Records (India/Melb)

This started off as the brainchild of frustrated people conforming to the same kind of music that we started out on. The natural course made its rounds and then from the breeding ground of happy, uplifting and progressive psytrance to the more purposefully twisted denizens of darker , and psychotic psychedelic music. every conscious being goes through a similar initiation period. Rebellion is the first sign of autonomous thinking. The Chojin is Pierre Meneaud , who plays dark psychotic night tunes spun in with thought provoking samples of political regression. After playing a few small gigs in India, i decided to venture out of the somewhat cheesy and powerful trips into much darker , industrial sound. With created influences from Heavy -Death Metal and good mates in a thrash metal band- and A chance meeting with Goa gil in Japan proved helpful with the path of music he wanted to go down-..."if your getting sick of what you hear - create a new sound and inject it into the system". years later and a brand new desktop , 4gig of ram and FL Studio and a PCR300 ..Celebrate Uniqueness, Celebrate being Human, and hence being Divine. Come AWAKE - Exhale darkness and inhale light.the future is not set in stone .... BOM

PLAYER ONE - Dooflex Records (Cairns/Melb)

Player One (aka Tilt Axis) is Dwayne Banham, 25yrs old from Cairns, Far-North Queensland, Australia. Dwayne's involvement DJing and organizing outdoor events began in 2002, after being majorly inspired by Cairns' notorious underground scene & the greater Australian outdoor festival circuit. Now based in Melbourne (VIC), he is focused on his own production as well as DJing. With a wide-spread reputation for being fully committed, dedicated and devoted to his music-driven lifestyle, 2006 saw him welcomed into the Israeli based Dooflex Records family as label DJ for Australia. Week after week he can be seen stealthily navigating wherever he goes. On occasion Dwayne can get way out of line, offending everyone in sight, while somehow maintaining the intention of meaning well, it is truly something that has to be witnessed to be fully understood.

With Dooflex just having released the long awaited sophomore U-Reken album 'Deeper Into Man' and scorchingly psychedelic Nitro debut album 'Rainforest Culture' (Featuring collaborations with Australia's very own Positive Thought and Launchpad) and Doof Records having just released the blasting new Double R.E.L album, Player One is sure to impress.

MOLECULE - Up Records (WA)

It was while growing up in Far North Queensland that Molecule(Tye) was first introduced to psychedelic trance, and he soon found himself dancing in the rainforest every other weekend. After moving to Western Australia in 2003, he quickly found the psychedelic trance scene in Perth and has never looked back. He first started djing at friends house parties in 2004, and eventually found himself playing in clubs and at outdoor trance parties. In 2005 he joined forces with a friend to form the Mad Monkey Society, who have been at the forefront of the Perth outdoor psychedelic trance scene ever since. Molecule’s sets can only be described as a mash of crazy psychedelic soundscapes, soothing melodies, bleeps, bloops, squiggles, twangs and the occasional children song. Whether you are up for a psychedelic rebirthing, dancing around like a monkey or just a good laugh... Molecule is sure to deliver. Prepare to be unprepared!


Deutronium (David Norrish) has been producing psychedelic trance for almost 10 years, and playing producer-only sets since 2003. His sound does not fit neatly into any single sub-genre. Melodic and uplifting merged with driving and psychedelic, it is music designed to satisfy dancers and chin-strokers alike. You can hear some of his tunes at

As a DJ, David has established a distinct style that is lush, melodic and uplifting in nature. His DJ sets are all about track selection, and illustrating the difference that exists between two terms that are often (and unfairly) used interchangeably - ‘melodic’ and ‘cheese’. No cheese here – just contemporary, melodic, goa trance and chunky psy at it’s finest.

PARAFORM - Silent Partner (Melb)

Paraform is Martin Roast, a psytrance producer and DJ based in melbourne Australia. Also known for his previous projects Dream Katcher(psy), Brain Animal(psy), Soulflava(HipHop), Jimmy Jams(chill,dub,house), and a punk electronic cross over outfit, Subliminal terrorists.

He first started producing beats for HipHop acts in 1989 at the age of 16 using a turntable,
a tascam recorder, a commodore amiga and a sampler. Soon followed an interest in other
electronic genres.

Quote "For many years I played around learning how to make all the sounds I wanted to be able to make. And going to parties, working out what type of crowd I like best ect. I fell for psytrance as soon as I heard it, nothing is better than a good outdoor doof and this music is made for big systems outdoors."

Now producing psytrance since 2003, and playing out Live since 2005, in Dream Katcher, and his Live solo act Paraform, in lineups along side most of melbournes top locals, as well as interstate and international guests. Currently awaiting his first track release as Paraform on the first CD release of a new lable currently being spawned by melbournes much loved Psycotic Episode crew, "Outback Alliance Productions".

Paraform does not try to make music that sounds like other psytrance. Quote "I listen to a lot of psytrance and find a lot of it sounds the same, I love that sound, but its just more of a challenge for me to make original stuff than take an example and emulate it. Creation is addictive beware, I cant stop, I love making tunes."

With a background in electronic music production dating back over 19 years, Paraform has settled well into the psytrance genre, while maintaining a high level of originality. With inovatative new sounds, bluring the boundaries of psytrance by gathering influences from all types of electronic music. As well as the psychedelic music ledgends of the 60's, and all the far corners of our wide musical world, not to mention worlds of other earthly creatures from dimensions unknown to most humans.

Quote "Shhhhhh, dont tell anyone but Im not a decendent of earth beings, I cant sleep at night cause unlike humans my body isnt connected to earth and its moon, instead its connected to the solar system of my home planet, far far away.. But dont worry, I come in peace."

With music ranging from morning fullon tracks, to full-on uplifting night music with funky basslines and mind bending leads, through to the darker end of the spectrum. Paraform has the ideal music for any psychedelic moment.

PSYDAFEKT - Mutagen/Adapted Records (Bris/Melb)

Psydafekt (Paul) from Brisbane, now residing in Melbourne. Been doof doofing since '05, and been soaking up festival maddness in Melbourne since '06, and started collecting tunes soon after. Psydafekt can range from uplifting groovy mourning melodies to harder banging nightime madness. I have supported over the last few years acts like Reality Pixie, Mr P, Terrafractyl, Lost Keys, Electrypnose, Loud, Lunatech, The Chojin, SM Project, Dark Nebula, Paraform, Mindhertz, Spoonbill, Triptych and Vishnudata to name a few. The set being played at 'Diaspora 2' will differ between angelic blissful 'trancey' trance to harder melodic trance, while still retaining a strong sense of danceability and's not to be missed.

This is just the tip of the iceberg..many more to come in the next couple of months..

Stay tuned
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