Holidaying in Melbourne soon

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Hello Melbourners.

I'll be visiting your fine city from the small geographically isolated pothole (in both sense of the word- ohohohoh) that is Perth very shortly.

Naturally being in another state, sampling of the local activities is an experience much sought. I don't know how things work over in VIC, but if you want to give me the heads up for events (in particular small word-of-mouth bush doofs, as obviously I don't have contacts in your state) that would be much appreciated.

Looking forward to hopefully sampling some of your fine wares, so to speak!

Merry Christmas, chaps.


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hello there!

i think there are a few melbournites here, but this is mostly a sydney
based forum, so youll find that people mostly talk about nsw stuff.

there is another (actually larger) psy forum which has mostly melbourne
users called Oztrance. id say you will find much more regular updates
on the melb scene on there.

i think they are not enabling new users at the moment tho, hopefully
things will settle soon and it will open up again properly.

good luck with your move, hope u have lots of fun :)


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yeah Oz trance is where it is at for Victorian events, although all the big ones come across to both boards... i do like it here though
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