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Electric Forest wrote :


Earthdance was conceived in 1996 by artist/musician Chris Deckker,
as a vision to unite the whole world through the universal platform of dance and music.
Earthdance has now become the largest global synchronized dance event in the world.
What began in 1997, with 22 cities in 18 countries has now occurred in over 360 locations with
over 300 locations in 60 countries participating in 2007 alone! Rising out of the global
electronic music scene, Earthdance has now grown to include a diverse cross-section
of musical genres including world music, jazz, conscious hip-hop, folk and reggae.
Earthdance has shown how the potent combination of music, dance and technology can be harnessed
for positive and humanitarian aims. For one night all around the globe, people join
together to dance as one global community, united with a common vision for peace and humanitarian aims.

Since 2004, Earthdance has chosen a Global Focus to further unite events around the world. By putting our attention on a positive and healing theme as a collective global family, we have an even deeper impact on this planet that we hold so dear.

2009 Focus:
Blessing the Children
This year's theme will be "Blessing the Children" as events around the world focus on causes that support children both locally and internationally.
"Good parents give their children Roots and Wings." --Jonas Salk
Give them roots to keep them grounded through tough times. Give them wings to soar above everything, explore new worlds and fly farther than we ever did.

This year we are supporting the UNCLE Project, NSW Rural Fire Service and the Mullumbimby Soup Kitchen Children's Christmas Appeal by distributing 100% of all profits. You know when you make a donation at the door you are not only having a good time but more importantly you are doing a good thing for your community!


$25 on the door/$100 per car (max 6ppl)


Raz Bin Sam (

Double Vision (

SolarPlex (

Short Circuit

Sketi Vs Turtle
RoobixKube vs Digital Bob

More acts TBA

Production by Electric Forest
12k Sound by Soundstorm
Decor by Trancenhance
Food provided by Hare Krishna
Security + 1st aid provided
Toilets provided on-site

Alcohol free event

Please no dogs, glass or bad behaviour

This is a family event, we will be providing a drum circle saturday so we please ask you to come early to join in the atmosphere of this special day. this space :D

join the earthdance byron group:

love and peace \

Nevermind the carry on, it's all good!
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big-ups :mrgreen:
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I want to be there, they want me there, it's a win/win/win situation.
Last years event was run in conjunction with local council, and the event is registered as a charity with
The event will receive no funds from bar sales.
Being involved in this event doesn't make you a hero, it's just the right thing to do!

It' a global event, sometimes you need to travel to be at the event that speaks for you!
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After I had to miss a year very excited to be part of this again!

Electric Forest wrote :

7:00-7:30..............Robert Corowa - Bundjalung Fire Ceremony

7:30-9:00..............Raz Bin Sam (


10:30-12:00........RoobixKube vs Digital Bob




4:30-6:00..............Short Circuit

6:00-7:30..............Double Vision (


9:00...........................Prayer for Peace & Peace Circle

9:30-11:00...........SolarPlex (

11:00-12:30........Sketi Vs Turtle

Acoustic chill space special guests - The Byron Drum Circle

New site to be confirmed :idea:
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Tasty looking lineup
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Really? I like some of the people on it, but I really found it to be a dull line-up! Sketi and Turtle have got a great new take the last time that I seen them though, and I always love foot-e's nighttime gear.
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