Polysonic III - 27th August, feat. ILLUSION OF SELF Live

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Polysonic III
Saturday, August 27th

Polysonic bring you the now annual winter extravaganza, and thier 3rd major installment (amoungst smaller, more intimates), in a beautfiul location featuring full production and performances from:

...with more yet to confirm:

::Audible Art (Live acts & DJs)

Illusion Of Self LIVE (Tribeadelic) Melbourne
News on IOS' new album soon!

Franny (Sundance) Bryon

CY (Polysonic) Brisbane

Hired Goonz vs. Sam I Am (DJ set)
(Gi'iwa, DaDa Stream) Brisbane, Byron, Melbourne

Kaneda (Polysonic) Brisbane

Paul Abad (Positronic) Yandina

Volt (Polysonic) Byron

Mesq vs. Fungalicious

Spiral Byron

::Projections & Light
-Travelling Kaliedescopic Candle Bonanza

-Enchanted Forest

::Decor and Art Installations

...more to be confirmed...

Yet to be confirmed...

Systems are go:

-Sillypsybin and CY Productions team together once again to bring us 9k of delicious Mackie! Yum :)

-Outdoors - in a locale` directly on the border that is yet to be revealed!
-Landcare effort is being organised-

More performances, acts, DJs, artists unveiled as we go - the vector has been marked!
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:dj: Looks good Stu, cant wait :crazy: :crazy:


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Lineup update..


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This sounds like a UNITY pt 2 stewie..... :clap:


sorry if the pic is to large - if ya know how to resize it , go right ahead..

Pic courtasy of NEBULOUS


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Finally, the set times are as below :)

9:00 Spiral
11:00 Mesq vs. Fungalicious
1:00 Chaotic Eternal
2:30 Volt
4:00 IOS (live)
5:30 Kaneda (lively)
7:00 Franny
9:00 CY
10:30 Namarkkon
11:30 Hired Goonz vs. Sam I Am (DJ set)
1:30 Paul Abad


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we have been getting ready to try out our stomping boots on this here northern ground for the past couple of weeks...
now happliy settled in the hills we can adventure out into the wilderness for our divine monkey time, and share it with all u crazy nrthn regions kiddies...
look forward to this one, always good to catch jimbo, and finally we get to see what all this euro-entheo trance is all about with MESQ v's fungalicious....
plus a gr8 opportunity to soak in the sounds of this here localised scene.... we have heard much about many of u guys and look forward to experiencing it first hand..
smell u later ;)
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