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Howdee Northern Territory,

I'm Lars, a genuine Belgiumling, I've just arrived in Darwin after a long roadtrip all the way from Perth, via the west coast, broome, the kimberleys etc etc. glad to see some 'civilisation' again here in Darwin

I dj at psy/goa parties every weekend back in Belgium (often twice a weekend wich may sound a lot but there's like 5 parties every weekend here so..), Most of our parties are indoors because well umm Belgium happens to be really really tiny so there's not too much room for an open air (or a doof as you ozzies call it Smile). I've only been to one doof unfortunatly, one at Mt. Dale in Perth. But one hell of a party it was =) and just you know, I smashed the dancefloor with my dj set :oops: If you want any references, ask the ppl on, I'm quite certain they'll give you good references.

So well that's reason number one why I'm writing this, a desperate attempt of a psy veteran to find like minded people at like-minded parties on the other side of the globe =)
I read that, contrary to where I live you guys don't post your parties on the net anymore, and I can only say: very, very good! The Belgian psy scene has been undergoing serious changes since ppl started using the internets for parties, the scene has grown A LOT but simply isn't the same as before and even worse, it's completely chattered into little boxes called the commercial fullon, the "undahground" darkpsy/terrortrance, the clubby progressive trance and the "alternative" oldskool goatrance psy scene. still, I think that compared to France, England and the Netherland we're really really spoiled when it comes to parties. most of them last untill the next day, and as said it's getting shattered and commercial but with 5 parties in one weekend you can choose between a wide variety of parties, you can always pick one you like.
As a DJ I started in the darkpsy scene, but nowadays I get asked alot to play at oldskool goatrance parties, so it's kind of 50/50.. Generally ppl here in Australia have been telling me that I play 'quirky' music =P

And that's the second reason of my post =) Shameless self-promotion!!!!
As mentioned I play 2 styles of trance, I'm known as 'sole' when playing oldskool goatrance, and I use the alias 'plan b' when playing the new stuffs. I've got some promo mixes available on my blog


you can also check the parties I've been playing at since the beginning of this year (didn't have the profile before that). I've dj'ed next to and organized parties with a lot of live-acts such as artifakt, scorb, sienis, the muses rapt, kluster, encephalopacytis, ... Personally I don't think the quality of a DJ is measured by the artists he's played next to, but hey lots of ppl do so I might as well mention it =)

so! first and most important please please let me know if there's a party close to Darwin, I'll be checking this board from time to time, and you can always reach me on my email
wich i use for msn as well, and my phone nr is 0406759037
same goes for bookings, normally I have a minimum fee that is adjusted to the size of the party, but I do realize I'm not really in the position to ask a fee as I'm the one asking for gigz =p I'll be in Darwin for some while, I'm trying to find a job ATM.

Lotz of love, kisses hugs, whatever you want. or most of it.


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check ure pm mate:)
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