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Liber8or - The Second Installment - After the first Liber8or event was held over the Australia Day weekend, we bring to you another night of uplifting progressive and psytrance, house and breaks to please the senses brought to you by NT's finest DJs and visual artists.

Date: Saturday 22nd March, 2008

Time: 9:00 PM - 4:00 AM

Venue: Monsoons Cafe, Mitchell St, Darwin

DJs: Trademark, Poxy, Cymo, PsyCol, Acidoofilus and Imput Flip

Sound: Proline Discos

Visuals: VJ's Asterix and Atomic Konch

Lighting: Proline Discos

Decor: Darwin Doof Crew

Ticket Info: Free before 10pm, and only $5 at the door afterwards

Email: Pete or Si

Phone: Pete 0438892204 Si 0408904116
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