Dragonfly Dawn Festival

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Join us to celebrate the arrival of the Dragonflies to the Top End, yep it's dry season again folks.

Dragonfly Dawn will play host to local, interstate and international DJ's, live performers, visual artists and many more.

The site is located on private property approximately 1 hour drive from Darwin NT.

Either you are in for the music or just to chill out by the several swimming holes joins us and enjoy the magic.

Camping is available and basic infrastructure is in place.


Sun Control Species (Melb-Vic)
Cymo (Darwin-NT)
MisS PoSm (Darwin-NT)
AudiOma (Darwin-NT)
Aldoofbanga (Darwin-NT)
Fa:z (Germany)
Cosmic Psycol (New Zealand)
Sideshow Aly (Darwin-NT)
Input Flip( Portugal)
Beezi (Darwin-NT)
Krocodoofilous( Mars)
Darren Dread (New Zealand)

Atomic Conche(Darwin-NT)

More info on the website soon:

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anyone need a lift this evening?? i have an empty car
call 0408 418 034
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