Psy trance @ trinity!!! FRI 18th NOVEMBER

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Side Project's Darwin Division Presents: :!:
Psy trance @ trinity (Edmunds street Darwin CBD). :arrow:
Come and enjoy a celebration of psy trance at Trinity night club on
Doors open 10 PM $7 per person or two for $10 so buddy up! :wink:
Dj's: SID MOONEY, DEEP, Teejay :twisted: VJ Asterix :shock:
The weather might be hot, but lets keep the dream alive for the coming DRY SEASON.
Decorations by Shay and Teejay (It's been fun making them for sure! I've poached a few ideas from pics of previous parties! The floor will be very interesting indeed!!) :idea:
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FARK YEAH!!! Two more sleeps to go!!!!!!!! Get amped, get your friends amped and see you there!!!!!!!!


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Good Work Teejay, where are the pics? (tom)



I'm having trouble getting them online as i don't have net access at home!!
I'll get a disk together for you. The pics are pretty lame as the missus was too wasted to drive the cammera well.
The party was not bad. The club we held it in is mainly a HARD NRG club and is pretty rough. By four am people were really cranking but that is closing time for the club! BOO!!!!
I'm organising another one at an outdoor place but the heat nad humidity just makes you crumple into a ball it's so oppressive. I'll have to waut a few months untill its more bearable.
Any word on that big project you are brewing?
Go hard my friend! Stay true!
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