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Hey all! Getting super amped for this festival!!!
Also a browns mart party coming up on the 17 march...... More details soon hope fully.
Fully sick


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this one is going to be a blast- full details here...


Announcing the Isotopia Festival 2006. 9th -> 12th June.
Outer Darwin - Nuclear Territory - Australia


3 nights and about 4 days of anti-nuke madness powered by some of Darwin's, North Queensland's and the Northern NSW's hottest DJs, live acts, performers, lighting techs, deco-monsters and bands.

2 full moon dancefloors, the all night FallOutDoor cinema showing cutting edge anti-nuke documentaries, markets, workshops and much much more...

DJs and Soundsmiths

TeeJay - South Coast NSW/Darwin - FullOn Trance
Suspekt (Open Records) - Cairns - Deep, Atmoshpheric Tribal Progressive
Maximal - Byron Bay - Global Trance
Lost Keys - Byron Bay - Goovealicious Trance
Cy - Darwin - PsyCad Trance
Syk Puppy - Darwin - Drum & Bass
Imposter - Darwin - Eclectic Grooves
Tremor - Darwin - Bass & Drum
Syd Mooney - Darwin - EuroTrance
Night Angel - Darwin - Dub + Dancehall
Dingo - Darwin - Radio Nowhere
Infidelic - Darwin - Wetland Chill Beats
Acidoofilus - Darwin/NNSW - Billabong Trance
BlastCorp - Darwin - Experimental Electronica
Dors of Perception - Darwin - Eclectic Fusion

plus more TBA


Higgeldy Freestyle Collective
Darwin - Cunning Linguist Hip Hop
EmDee - Darwin - Organic Dance
Jabaru - Eumundi - Darwin
Neo - Darwin - Power Funkadelia
Groove Machine vs Charlette Grace - Darwin - Funky Grooves
Combat Wombat - Melbourne - Radioactivist Hip Hop


Blowin In The Wind - David Bradbury
This movie will change the way you look at depleted uranium, mining & nuclear issues in Australia

Jabiluka - The Mirrar People - David Bradbury
Jabiluka is about us, blackfella, whitefellas together and our belief in the future of nation.

Atomic Confessions - Greg Young
50 years later, nomadic Aboriginal survivors, millitary servicemen and experts reveal the true story of the British atomic bomb tests in Australia. Government betrayal, the conflict of cultures and ongoing consequences to land and people...

Too Deadly - Izzi Brown & Monkeymarc
Too Deadly is set in the radioactive heartland of the Australian desert. Part documentary, part comedy part re-enactments of historical and political events. It confronts issues of uranium mining, indigenous land rights and direct action with a cast of accidental characters who just happened to be there.

Much more info soon...

check the website ->

get involved with us ->
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