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10pm - Midnight

For the first in our new format shows New Wave Radio welcomes Nick Interchill from Interchill Records one of the UK's leading chill out labels & Acid Popper AKA Claus Baldauf from international trance bible Mushroom Magazine! representing two very different ends of the psychedelic spectrum for our April transmission!

Claus Baldauf is deeply involved with the global psy trance scene on many levels. Alongside partner Liese, he responsible for making the montlhy (and bi-monthly international edition) trance magazine 'Mushroom Magazine' possible as well as being responsible for putting together the annual 'Trances Guide To The Galaxy', an international psychedelic travel guide set up to inform those interested in the scene about what's hot and where to go in when visiting other countries.

Alongside this he works at the European offices for Japan - based Planet B.E.N records a label that concentrates mainly on releasing full on psy trance with plans to venture into more progressive trance shortly.

Claus' Acidpopper DJ sets slot into the 'progressive' end of psy trance he connects progressive house & trance, psychedelic tech-house and has an open mind towards many styles, Claus has played with since he has started DJ-ing more than ten years ago.

Nick began DJing in 1992 as part of the early club and outdoor party scene. One degree and hundreds of parties later he moved to London and became involved with internet radio before launching himself into the chill out rooms of London clubs.

Now with 14 years of Djing experience and an unbeatable collection of tunes to match, you can find Nick spinning his version of chill at many a UK party or worldwide festival. Nick likes to mix it up and play his way through many genres of chill, from the deepest dub, to the glitchiest techno, to the most authentic world music, to bleepy electronica, to minimal ambience.

Nick has been an Interchill Records DJ for about a decade, and last year co-compiled Dissolving Clouds with his cousin and label manager Andrew Ross Collins. Highlights of summer 2006 will undoubtedly be the UK�s Glade Festival, the Wilderness Festival and Sonica 2006 in Italy.

Dont forget if you miss any live shows, you can access our show archive anytime at:

So turn on, tune in or miss out!

For more info or to get in touch please contact:

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Monday June 5th!
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