STEREOSONIC FESTIVAL - New Caledonia - 23rd November 2008

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CONQUEST, Hardware, Onelove & Societe Le Froid presents
The BIGGEST electronic music festival ever in the history of New Caledonia!

Carl Cox (UK)
Cox attended Glastonbury High Boys secondary modern school on Glastonbury Road in Morden. Cox began his career as a hardcore and acid house DJ in the mid-1980s and made a name for himself as the "Three Deck Wizard" in 1988. During that year's Second Summer of Love, he began to play on three turntables at once. He has played at clubs as The Eclipse, Edge, Shelly's, Sterns Nightclub, Heaven, Angels and The Haçienda, as well as raves for Fantazia, Dreamscape and Amnesia House. He now spearheads two record labels, Intec Records and 23rd Century Records.


Astral Projection (ISRAEL)
Astral Projection is a Psychedelic trance group from Israel.
Their origins begin when when Avi Nissim and Lior Perlmutter get together in 1994 and formed "SFX" after both of them had been making electronic music for several years under different names.
In 1989 they made their first album which unfortunately didn't came out, so they made another track called "Monstermama" which came out in 1990 on a beat/techno label in Belgium. After that Lior went to New York and started a trance label called X-Rave Records which released the new SFX single.
At the end of 1993 Avi and Lior hooked up with Guy Sebbag and Yaniv Haviv.
They formed Outmosphere Records and released CD album/compilations including tracks from SFX and others, called "Trust in Trance" ... they also released a "Trust In Trance 2" second album/compilation.
After a while Guy left Outmosphere Records. Then the Outmosphere Records turned into Trust in Trance in 1994. Avi, Yaniv and Lior formed Astral Projection in 1995.
The first album they released under this name was also "Trust In Trance" (in fact Trust In Trance 3), in 1996 ...
They became very popular thanks to 3 Tracks: "Mahadeva", "Kabalah" and "People Can Fly".
The same year, they released "The Astral Files" (containing several mixes).
Then Yaniv left the band, and today it's Avi and Lior who are running everything.
They released "Dancing Galaxy" in 1997, "Another World" and "SFX: The Unreleased Tracks 89-94" in 1999...
They are currently working on their next album OPEN SOCIETY with Trust in Trance records which will be out in the beginning of 2009


Max Vegas (FRANCE)

Papa Smurf (AUSTRALIE)
Papa's story stems back over 12 years ago, having residencies at some of Melbourne's biggest clubbing fraternities such as Chasers, Mansion, Milk Bar, Metro and Dome. It was at nightclubs like Chasers and Metro where at the tender age of 16 (yes, to the club owners disbelief, he was underage!) Papa had his first residencies and found his own feet with a passion for vocal house music. Although his energy, charisma and mixing ability shone through from these early stages leading him to be a crowd favourite, his djing massively exploded upon discovering where his true passion lied ; Trance.

His energy, professionalism and dexterity behind the decks leaves any crowd he plays to spellbound. This is the wizadry of Papa Smurf ; The peoples DJ. Theres never a dry spot in the house, or a set that you dont hear the screams of his loyal crowd, chanting LETS GO PAPA ! His love, passion and enthusiasm for music and the industry attatched to it are some of the reasons that have gained him a cult following throughout Melbournes clubbing circles and beyond. Where there's Papa, there's people.


Richie Rich (AUSTRALIE)
Richie McNeill, the man behind Hardware - Australia’s largest techno organisation - is one of the hard working originators of the Australian dance scene. He is a man of many guises – DJ, producer, remixer, promoter, label manager, Kiss-FM producer/presenter, record shop/distribution owner and more recently, has begun venturing into film and television score.

Richie has worked everywhere from Big Day Out to Every Picture Tells A Story to Acid Reign to Gasp and Agent Mad events, Queensland’s Strawberry Fields Festivals, Teriyaki Anarki Saki, Vibes On A Summer’s Day, the Apollo Festival and of course alongside many more, his own Hardware parties. Overseas jaunts have included gigs in New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, London and USA.

Dan's connection with music stems from his early days in the womb, being exposed to a wide classical repertoire prior to actually being born. From an early age, climbing naked to an intentionally raised stereo to tinker with knobs and buttons, it was clear that Dan's destination was to be a marriage of music and technology. His formal entry to the music world began with piano lessons at age 8, which allowed Dan to develop and refine his classical training. At age 12 Dan also took up Latin Percussion in order to bolster his stronger understanding of melodic and harmonic themes with rhythm training. At age 12 Dan began tinkering with MIDI technology and sequencing software but without any clear objectives, he lost touch with music and music technology as a way of life, however the passion remained. Toward the end of high-school Dan was introduced by friends to the Psychedelic Trance genre and after some initial resistance, he became addicted and immersed in any material he could source. After many frustrating attempts to understand the fundamentals of Psychedelic Trance production, Dan decided to embark on an audio engineering degree, which he completed successfully last March. Since launching the Orpheus project, Dan has shared the stage with Trance megastars such as Infected Mushroom, Astrix, Skazi, Raja Ram, Pixel and Illumination. In this short time Dan has also composed and unveiled a new LIVE set, a representation of his own unique style.


Brought up by a pack of wolves in the siberian tundra, for the first 12 years of El's life he could communicate only through a series or grunts and growls. Rescued by hissidic jewish explorers who went on to become his adopted parents, el was introduced to classical folk music quickly adopting the glockenspiel and the tambourine. Through these tools and an old commodore 64 computer el was able to devise a system which enabled him to finally communicate with the outside world and thus the reclusive veil, which was previously his life, was finally lifted. A talented producer of all things techno, el was brought on to the Melbourne division of Derrick May's Hi Tek Soul from which he was able to firmly establish himself in the Australian techno community.

el has had the privelege to play at a number of the majour festivals locally and internationally sharing the stage with a diverse array of the worlds greatest electronic acts including Shpongle, Extrawelt / Midimilliz, Groove Armada, Funk D'void, Luke Vibert, Infected Mushroom, Raja Ram, Lucas, Justin Martin and many others.

Nea Combo Diffuzion (NOUVELLE CALEDONIE)
C'est 9 artistes dont 3 chanteurs au style et à la voix différente.

C'est un meddley de la musique Jamaicaine en passant par les Antilles. 2 heures de show suffisent pour faire vibrer qui veut bien se laisser aller sur Le REGGAE, la DANCE-HALL, le RAGGA en passant par le SKA.

Si ca ne suffit pas à bouger , NéaCombo Diffuzion a ses propres danseuses qui sauront chauffer l'audience.

Many more to be announced!

Please contact

Starts 9:30am

Centre Culturel Tjibaou
Rue des Accords de Matignon, Tina
BP 378 - 98845 Noumea Cedex

Children Tickets (16 years and under) - 4000 CFP
General Tickets - 4500 CFP
Family Tickets (2 adults + 2 children) - 12000 CFP

Tickets available from Compact Megastore, Photodiscount (Anse Vata, Geant, Kenu-In)

See you on the dancefloor...
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