Auralphonix Competition*win 5 free tickets* 11th FEBRUARY :)

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Hi there beautiful people :)

As you know.. another THURSDAY is coming and with it another AURALPHONIX PARTY :D

I hope you can enjoy a beautiful night with full power great energy and many many smiles...

PLUS of course GREAT music..

This weeks Live Acts are:

Dirty Saffi (Bom Shanka Music) - U.K./Portugal

Atomic Mind (Mystic Systems Rec.) - portugal

So we are giving you the opportunity to win 5 free tickets to Auralphonix Party on the 11 of FEBRUARY 2010

All you have to do is answer one simple question:

What is the name of the track released by Dirty Saffi that features the 6th release of Bom Shanka Music?

1. State your Conciousness

2. Cronnox & Sonnox

3. Under Pressure

4. Star Gate Wasters

Its very easy just choose one answer and send us an email to auralphopnix AT with the SUBJECT, COMPETITION and don't forget write your PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL and your answer... But be QUICK....

All winners will be informed by email...

Do not miss this opportunity :)

Keep updated by checking our Facebook Group page and Myspace.

If you didn't do it already please JOIN our group and invite all your friends.. Links are below..

Thank youuuu all and may you have a beautiful day*

PlimMm full of Peace, Love and Magic*
Ana Auralphonix*
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