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ITZAMA crew presents

The Celebration of the Moon's Spirit
launch party

Itzama is a new crew that gets their inspiration from the Mayan god of night ITZAMNA so expect a night to remember with some of the best live acts and djs in a secret location in LONDON...

I invite you all to join us in one more beautiful journey with some of the BEST MUSIC in the psytrance scene.

All together on the 13th of MARCH to create a positive energy and the most amazing Environment.

//::..Outer Dimension Room..::\\

Freedom Fighters - Live - bionics records UK DEBUT

presenting the release of the new album RIOT

Presenting a project with high technologic standards, 2 persons working together through the internet, 2 points in the world connected by music, Portugal and Israel...Freedom Fighters are Frederico Curado and Shahaf Efrat. 2 human beings deeply addicted to music who met through the internet and since the first track they have created a different style in the trance scene in which you can clearly hear the fusion between israel and european styles...their music can be classified as a sort of hitech melodic full on trance, where diverse styles and influences like hard techno, house, electro, minimal among many many other are blended in order to create the Freedom Fighters sound!Countless hours of hard work releasing tracks, compiling cds and touring the world and playing in the best organizations and events, in places like Brazil (Kaballah & Electrance), Japan (The Gathering), Turkey (Psy-Files Festival), Russia (Synthetic Dreams), Portugal (Freedom Festival / Boom Festival), Mexico (Ommix Festival), UK, France, Austria...After releasing in some of the major labels in the trance scene such as Com.Pact, On The Move , Vision Quest, Utopia, Sirius, Crystal Matrix and many more..They are now eagerly waiting to see their debut finished and out in 2010, "RIOT", where there will be few collaborations of a load of hits waiting to hit the worldwide dancefloors!in the meanwhile be sure not miss these boys performance in a dancefloor near you and be sure : There are no borders or limitations when music wants to be created.

Peace Ka - Live - mind funk music records

presenting the release of the new album

The brain behind the Peace-Ka project is Thoma Piscaglia from Cesena, a small city situated near the Italian Adriatic coast. Things kicked-off for Thomas after his illuminating first trip to Thailand in 2001, where he attended one of the many legendary Full Moon parties. For him, it was his first psy-trance party ever, although many would follow after. Thomas his 1st activities as an artist started to take place a few years after his ear- and eye-opening party experiences. He first started to play the decks as a dj in parties around Italy, followed by a serious addiction to twisting knobs and buttons on midi-controllers and manipulating twisted sounds in software, which finally led to producing his own sonic productions. The results lead to Thomas building up his own home-studio, consisting out of most of the necessary hardware and audio devices one needs for producing as a professional sound-engineer. Nowadays his studio consists of his beloved access virus TI, a nord rack2x, a powercore mk2, a liquid mix mastering processor, and a Korg Kaoss pad 3. The speaker section is provided by a pair of Adam p11 studio monitors. Thomas his main project is known under the name Peace Ka, next to having his other project named Assault Junkies, together with his good friend Andrea Lunghi (Dust). Some of his other side projects and hobbies include: promoting small underground electronic music events in clubs around his area, creating and managing a web portal which’ aim is to provide upcoming talents a place where to showcase their material and last but not least he’s working as a producer for a local recording studio. All in all it’s more than clear that this man’s mission is to contaminate as many people as possible with his passion for electronic music.

Tech Twist - Live - cristal matrix records UK DEBUT

presenting the UK release of the new compilation from cristal matrix records ENGAGE THE NOISE

Tech Twist are Albert Xenzo aka Xenzodiak and Pedro Gaspar aka Dj Juggler, both from Lisbon, Portugal. They are 28 and 27 years old but have already a long history in the trance scene with his solo projects. Tech Twist was born on October of 2008, when the same dreams and friendship brought the two starting to work together, after making some versus tracks. Their music can be described as morning full-on, with lots of energetic rhythms and uplifting melodies, always with a “dancefloor groove” on it. Till this moment, Xenzo and Juggler have played solo a bit all over the world, in the biggest parties and festivals, Xenzo released an album on Medusa Records as Xenzodiak, aswell as various tracks on compilations and Dj Juggler is one of the most busy Dj's in Portugal , so we can expect a lot of experience and professionalism by them. They are signed to Crystal Matrix Records and very soon we can expect 4 tracks to be released, 2 on the next Crystal Matrix compilations, 1 in Xenzodiak's EP on D-Djance Records and 1 on Geomagnetic. As main goal, they hope to bring lots of danceable and happy moments to worldwide dancefloors and parties, always twisting the new technologies.

Module Virus - Live - bom shanka records

Deepbrianfrombosis - Live - peak records

Luxbuna - Live - vision records

Atomic Mind - Live - mystik systems records

Full Lotus ketuh records
Psylab mystik systems records
Prozak and Sati free spirit records/cohesion
Mark Day auralphonix records
Noise Reaction auralphonix records

//::..Mayan Temple Room..::\\

Kained and Able - Live -arkona creation records

Project Sketch - Live - bom shanka records

Fred.Vision - Live - attitude records UK DEBUT

Zooch arkona creation records
Psykia mind funk records
Sub-Kartel sub funk
Nolan Shmolan arkona creation records
Nozyo putumaj
Oontz itzama
Psibindi aphid records

2 more rooms added by:
Gaia Roots crew

NIK SEQUENCI (MegaTripolis)
PSYKIA (Mind Funk)
AXEL UTOPIA (Gaia Roots)
RUBIO (OuterKnower)
JOHN MISZT (Misztifiedminds Recs)
NUSPHERE (Misztifiedminds Recs
DAVE DREADS (Gaia Roots)
CHANDRANANDA (Psychedelic Circle)
DJ PONY (Smallworld)

THE IMPOSSIBLES - Live Psychedelic Band wiv dancers

Open Mic - bring an instrument! Drums, guitars didgeridoos etc

Secret London location / 11pm till very late / infolines: 07940391421/07940391430/07961281777/16-20k soundystems / deco: freakadelic psycraftz/ lasers / projections / bar / uv environments
stalls / hot drinks & food: / professional security / cheap drinks / cloakroom / organic cafe -teas & chai/indian head massage/price : £10


*Hope 2 see U all on the dancefloor sharing strong, beautiful good energy *
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