Trancending - Amsterdam, April 22, 2010 - DJ Satyr 4hr set

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Trancending - April 22, 2010 - Amsterdam

Fasten your spacebelts and get ready for blast off
as our navigator sets course for a four hour trip
across the eclectronic universe and beyond,
accelerating from 120 bpm progressive
to 150 bpm psychedelic trance

DJ Satyr (Forest of Eleusis)

4D coordination

Lijnbaansgracht 161
Amsterdam - The Neverlands

close to Leidseplein (follow the canal from the Melkweg)

click here for online map

Thursday April 22, 2010
from 23:00 till 03:00

entrance: interdonational

onlinear resources

* to give your third ear an idea
what this may hear or feel like
download the following mixes
and play them in order
of average tempo

Noise Cleanse (126bpm)
Spike My Cocktail Please (134bpm)
44% On The Drops (143bpm)
Sylvan Secrets (147bpm)

visit Satyr online:

Korsakoff is the alternative music club in Amsterdam,
born in last millennium's late 80s. In addition to offering
their traditional blend of rock, metal, goth, drum-n-bass,
industrial, ebm, techno, wave, electro and grunge,
they are hosting the local psychedelic trance hangout,
every Thursday night.

visit Korsakoff online:

.: blessed be with a cup of namastea :.
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