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Hello everyone,

So it turns out I'm heading over to the UK for a month in July and a couple of the weeks in there I'm in/around London. I was wondering if y'all could tell me some festivals this month. I'm looking for events similar to outdoor psy parties like here in Australia, but want to see what it's like in the old kingdom!

Looking forward to it! Also if it turns out there are some events which require a vehicle (most do hey), we could organise some form of lift


EDIT: Actually also, if anyone knows any good clubs, raves, underground parties in London that'd be an epic bonus, psy related is also a plus, thanks again.
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You might be better checking out psymusic.co.uk, or speak to CyberWlf.

Don't forget that mainland Europe is a really cheap flight away. There are fesitvals all over that month. I'm not sure where your musical tastes lie, but I want to try to get to psycrowdelica in Germany (dark) this year which is normally in July I think, and maybe Ozora too.

I had the impression that outdoor parties were harder to come by in the UK, psytrance wise anyway.
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psymusic.co.uk is definitely the place to look for UK parties. There are outdoor parties in the summer so you should be okay finding one in July. If you are around the London area you should be able to get to a psy party every weekend. As for festivals you should check out Cosmo (dark), and Waveform - not sure of the dates for this year though but I'm sure Google could tell you! Hope you have a great time in England!
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