TRANSYLVANIA CALLING 2011 -- Romania, Aug. 8-15

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A warm 'hey' to everyone! :D

Transylvania's calling me this summer... TC 2011 is a gathering of the tribes 40 km from Sibiu in the Carpathian Mountains, Romania. It starts the day after O.Z.O.R.A. in neighbouring Hungary finishes and there's a bus being organised to take people directly between the festivals (about 100 took it at the last TC in 2009, so you'll be in great company!).

So for those who like the idea of a week-long doof in the land of gypsies and vampires, or those who simply don't wanna come down, & who can make it to Romania, don't miss out on a truly fantastical experience.

Check out the website:
You can buy tickets (PayPal) & find out all you need to know there.

Would be amazing for my gf (Mel) and I (Ben) to bump into some Aussie compatriots there - we're living in the land of our former imperial masters these days :) Love to all :killah:





Main Stage


Abrahadabra [Denmark - Parvati]
Alrune [Denmark]
Atma [Romania - B.M.S.S.]
Calamar Audio [Finland - Antiscarp]
Eat Static [United Kingdom - Solstice/T.I.P. World]
F-Virus [Finland]
Farebi Jalebi [Australia - Parvati, D.S.P.]
Fragletrollet [Norway - Shaman Films/Yggdrasil]
Goasia [Serbia - Soundmute]
Grouch [New Zealand - Zenon Records]
Hypogeo [Italy - Zenon Records]
J.I.S. [Hungary - UAF Records]
Jahbo [Denmark - Parvati Records]
Kained & Able [United Kingdom]
Kalumet [Hungary - Psylife Music]
Kykeon Project [Italy - Bionic Instinct]
Lightaman [Finland]
Loopus In Fabula [Italy - Fabula Records]
Makadam [Sweden - Sanaton]
Naked Tourist [Germany - Parvati Records]
Ocelot [USA - Avatar, Zaikadelic, Vertigo, Dropout]
Onionbrain [Brazil - Uroboros/Mind Tweakers]
Opsy [Croatia - Soundmute]
Para Halu [Hungary - Psylife Music]
Procs [Sweden - Trishula Rec., Manic Dragon]
Protonica [Germany - IONO Records]
Radioactive.Cake [Germany - Glitchy.Tonic.Records]
Scorb [United Kingdom - Trick Music]
Sienis [Finland - Peyotii Recordings]
Squaremeat [Finland - Exogenic Records]
Sychotria [Brazil - Bhooteshwara Records]
Tom Cosm [New Zealand - Freelancer]
Vishnudata [Finland - Exogenic Records]
Whiptongue [Brazil - Looney Moon Records]
Will O Wisp [Argentina - Dark Prisma Rec.]
Xpiral [Brazil - Vagalume Records]
Xuranium [France - Red Moon Record]
Zartrox [Brazil - Uroboros Rec/Glitchy Rec]
Zeitgeist [Germany - Glitchy.Tonic.Records]


Akira Indika [Germany]
Alanita [Brazil - Cosmic Conspiracy Rec.]
Alexsoph [Germany - B.M.S.S.]
Ankur [Germany - Seres-Music]
Barbaleku [Romania - Antiscarp Rec.]
DJ Buzz-T [Portugal - Peak Records]
Dj Oval [Finland]
Djane Scarol [Hungary - independent]
Ego-T [Sweden - Zenon records]
Era [Hungary]
FOG & PHOBOS [Italy - Looney Moon & Peak Rec]
Gandalf [Germany - Iono Music]
Iguana DJ [Germany]
Kaempfer und Dietze [Germany]
Loopus In Fabula [Italy - Fabula Records]
Lygos [Romania]
Nolan Shmolan [UK - Zenon Records/Arkona Creation Records]
Ocelot [USA - Avatar, Zaikadelic, Vertigo, Dropout]
Opsy [Croatia - Soundmute]
peakA [Australia - Fabula/Sub Records]
Psyco Zaika [Israel/Russia/USA - Zaikadelic Records]
Sandal Wood [Bulgaria - Tribal Vision Rec]
Sienis [Finland - Peyotii Recordings]
Styx.Dj [Romania - dreamtime, Uroboros Records]
Thaty [Brazil - Moretrance Djs]
Tim Duster [Finland - Sun Station Records]
Whiskey Baba [Finland - Antiscarp]
Wylhelm [Hungary - Askarabaskara Crew]
Zooch [Lithuania]

Chillout Stage

Ancient Core Romania cosmic plasma
Eat Static United Kingdom Interchill
Grouch New Zealand
JPC United Kingdom
Kalumet in Dub Hungary Psylife Music
Kanc Cover Serbia
Mixile Ireland
Ocelot USA Avatar, Zaikadelic, Vertigo, Dropout
Para Halu Hungary Psylife Music
Ren Toudu Finland
Squarefeet Finland Exogenic Records
Stellar Ink Pony Sweden
Tom Cosm New Zealand
Unknown Cause Norway
Wylhelm Hungary Askarabaskara Crew

Barbaleku Romania Antiscarp Rec.
DJ Mantram Sweden Love Forest
Dj Oval Finland
Djane Scarol Hungary independent
Era Hungary
Fog Experiment Italy Peak rec, Looney Moon Experiment
Friq Trip Brazil Wasabi
Iguana in Dub Germany
Incredible Tide Italy Peak Records, Looney Moon Records
Loopus In Fabula Italy Fabula Records
Parah Brazil
Sandal Wood Bulgaria Tribal Vision Rec
Spiky Germany Diaphan Records
VerO Italy Free Spirit Foundation, Looney Moon Records
Whiskey Baba Finland Antiscrap
Zooch Lithuania Arkona Creation
Økapi Italy Illegal Art, EMI, KML rec, Inflatbl Rec
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