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TRANSAHARA FESTIVAL 2015: The Dunes Odyssey

The Transahara team is pleased to announce the chosen dates for the 8th Edition of Transahara:
From 8th to 12th April 2015 (after Easter weekend).
We are delighted to repeat for the 8th time this unique experience. Amazing sounds & art, with incredible people in a breathtaking place: this is what Transahara is all about.
We have reserved for you some of the most incredible artists of the moment, a breathtaking Sound System and visual concept all put together by an experienced team, eager to surprise you!

2015: The last Transahara edition
Since the dunes of Merzouga began captivating us in 2002, we have done our best to offer with each edition a beautiful desert experience. A 12 years odyssey in the dunes: an avalanche of travels, adventures, dreams, laughs, wonders, meetings, beauties, surrealism…
Pioneering electronic music in Morocco, we have over time, create a positive image for our movement and our art in our country and particularly in Merzouga.
We are honored to meet this challenge ONE LAST TIME!
The 8th Edition of Transahara will be the final chapter of our odyssey, passing the baton to other organizations and other moroccan festivals projects…
The Dunes Odyssey is the epilogue of our adventures and we are ready to offer you again an magic and unforgettable desert tales!!!


SON KITE LIVE (Iboga Records / Sweden)
PSYMMETRIX LIVE (Bom Shanka Music / UK)
KLIMENT LIVE (Elektrik Dream / Zenon Rec / Bulgaria)
ELECTRYPNOSE LIVE (2to6 Rec / Zenon Rec / Switzerland)
EMOK DJ SET (Iboga Records / Denmark)
FOG DJ SET (Looney Moon Records / Italy)
LOUD LIVE (Nano / Records)
DRUMATIK LIVE (Temple Twister Rec / Switzerland)
EARTHLING DJ SET (Zero One Music / UK)
CHRIS RICH LIVE + DJ SET (BomShanka Music / UK)
MARA DJ SET (Believe / Uroboros Rec. / Switzerland)
CYLON DJ SET (Grasshopper Records / Japan)
DATAURA LIVE (Digital Mind Records / UK)
HAMISH (Further Progressions Records/UK)
ONCE UPON A TIME LIVE (Blue Hour Sounds / Bulgaria)
DAROOM LIVE + DJ SET (Nomadstribe / Morocco)
KASADELICA LIVE + DJ SET (Uroboros / Records)
AIRI LIVE (2to6 Rec & 24/7 Rec / Swiss / Japan)
GRUB LIVE (Glitch Tonic Rec / Portugal)
ASIMILION LIVE (Bom Shanka Music / UK)
PSYBERPUNK LIVE + DJ SET (Sub System Rec / Switzerland)
VADEM LIVE (Electrypnosis Media / Switzerland)
DALA DJ SET (Nano Records / South Africa)
IPCRESS DJ SET (Iboga Recs / UK)
LORD FLAMES DJ SET (Suntrip Records / Spain)
ARGONAUTES LIVE + DJ SET (Moonloop Rec. / Switzerland)
KRISTIAN DJ SET (Darcu Records / UK)
OTEZUKA DJ SET (Domo records / StereOrganic / France)
SHOGUN DJ SET (Quantum Digits Rec. / Morocco)
SACH GIAN SINGH DJ SET (Nomadstribe Rec. / Italy - Germany)

You can find all infos about tickets, location, accomodations, first round line up, follow the link, our website is ONLINE.


Yallah! See you at the dunes….

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