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Phat Productions Presents

Dimension New Years Eve
Festival of Music, Art and Awareness

31 December 2016 – January 4 2016
Waimatenui East Road, Donnellys Crossing, New Zealand

We invite you to this stunning waterside location for three nights to raise your consciousness with us through this incredible celebration of Music, Art and Awareness. Dimension NYE will feature TWO music zones, crystal clear Opus sound, eye popping visuals and the biggest laser in NZ – So get your crew together and be part of this experience to launch into 2016 on a completely new plane of reality!

Dimension is going longer this year, with THREE complete nights of mind blowing music. This is longer than any other NYE event in New Zealand, and lets you make the most of it! To add to that the festival will stay open for a 4th night for everyone to rest and recuperate so you can experience it properly!

************************ MAIN STAGE ************************
The Dimension Main Stage will feature some of the biggest global psytrance heavyweights playing live across the 3 nights. Release 1 Lineup Includes:
Hypnoise – LIVE - Maharetta Records / SPN
Legohead – LIVE - ZeroOne Music / AUS
Architekt – LIVE - Mutagen Records / NZ
Terra Nine – LIVE - Altar Recs / NZ
Sirius Music – LIVE - Altar Recs / NZ
Big Dave
Bio Logic
DJ Pie
Mutana Kataro
Rural Remix
Sonic Climax
Plus Many More to Be Announced – http://www.dimension.nz/lineup

Art Curated by Arnav Taode

************************ TECH STAGE ************************
New to Dimension this year there will be a second stage - The Tech Stage – where there will be a second thread of musicality playing some of the finest in Techno, Tech House, Progressive, Psybreaks and Live music.

Lineup Release 1 Includes:
Chameleon feat. MC Emma Hand / Meltdown Recs / NZ
Diego Traglia
Matt E
Plus Many More to Be Announced – http://www.dimension.nz/lineup

***************** DIMENSION ALSO FEATURES: *****************
50W OUTDOOR SOULSTORM LASERS - Dimension this year will include the incredibly powerful 50W Soul Storm lasers, (last seen at Cosmic Forest Festival 2014). This laser is hardly seen out in New Zealand and it will fill the sky with never before seen projections!

INCREDIBLE SOUND QUALITY WITH TWO OPUS SOUNDSYSTEMS - To deliver a musical experience second to none we see sound quality as a critical component, as this is what creates the vibe of the event. We have invested in what is fundamentally the best audio chain on the planet. The Opus Audio Soundsystem is a fully analogue, completely natural audio system that provides the cleanest sound due to its fundamental design approach that is not found in any other system. The 15Kw of Opus it something that has to be heard to be believed, and Dimension will have Opus powering both Main and Tech stages.

HIGH END PROJECTION MAPPING – Imagine a massive crystalline structure in the sky playing high definition content to take to into the sky. Mind blowing projections can be expected!

WORKSHOPS – ART, SUSTAINABILITY AND TRANSFORMATION - Feel like a break from the music? Dimension this year will feature the Workshop area, which will give participants a chance to try something they may not have done, all aligned along our theme of raising awareness. The Workshops will include art and transformational activities, and other sessions that will truly increase your wellbeing and enhance your festival experience.

THEME CAMPS - To make the festival that much more exciting we will be hosting a limited number of theme camps. This is where YOU can participate and bring along an experience to share, and create a space for festivalgoers to chill, relax and be part of your vibe. Details of how to apply for theme camps are coming shortly.

CREATIVE ART INSTALLATIONS - Expect a wave of positive energy to hit you as you wander through the forest, along the river and up into the music zones with the installations you will see around the place.

BEAUTIFUL SITE WITH STUNNING RIVER - The best festivals are the ones where you can cool off when its gets hot, and the Dimension NYE site both has trees all through, and also has the stunning river running with swimming holes all along it. This is a key part of the 3 day festival experience, and we believe that swimming absolutely resets, recharges and revives you.

FREE CAMPING - Your ticket price for Dimension Includes FREE camping and access to Hot Showers, Clean Toilets & Free potable water. These are the basics of your festival camping experience and we see this as the beginning layer of things you need to have sorted in order to come on the journey with us.

YUMMY FOOD MARKET - Being able to get what you want – what you want it – makes a difference. Dimension will feature a yummy food market to keep everyone sustained, as well as lots of other interesting things to buy.

LICENSED BAR - Dimension this year will feature a licensed bar so you can get some of your favorite drinks when you want them.

FRIENDLY SECURITY - Our security team is the best - they look after us and ensure that everyone is having the best possible festival experience. We see this is a critical component of raising awareness, as any people who are upsetting anyone, or causing problems, are quickly dealt with, so as not to disrupt the flow of the collective experience.

*************** DIMENSION LAUNCH & PRE-PARTY ***************
We don’t want you to wait all the way until NYE to experience Dimension, so we are running TWO pre Club events at Totos in Auckland City for you to come along and get a taste of what New Years will be like – so bring your friends along to show them the Dimension vibe!

Dimension Launch Party – 28 August 2015
Dimension Pre Party – 27 November 2015

************************** TICKETS *************************
Release 1: $195+BF
Special Offer: if you buy your NYE ticket NOW you will also get in FREE to both the launch on the 28th of August and the Pre-Party 27th of November at Totos (51 Nelson St Auckland). Now THAT’S a good deal!

Book at http://www.iticket.co.nz or phone (09) 361 1000. (Lay-By Option available with 25% Deposit)
Tickets also available at these outlets:
Auckland: Real Groovy, 438 Queen St, Auckland
Conch Records, 115A Ponsonby Rd, Auckland
Wellington: Rough Peel Music, 140 Vivian Street, Wellington
Ashburton: Regent Cinema, Wills St, Ashburton

**************************** LINKS **************************
WEBSITE: http://www.dimension.nz
TICKETS: https://www.iticket.co.nz/go-to/dimension-2015
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/dimensionnz
NYE FB EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/686548918137812/
PRE-PARTY FB EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/1096337583727217/
LAUNCH FB EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/1588879868030956/
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